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  1. that was 2nd though nothing then i tried jarfix and different verisons of java update 30 to the newest one i'm no scripter or coder so i have no idea what to do or try next
  2. i get as far as the update screen but the client widow never pops up
  3. everytime i refresh the list of monsters it gets even more crazy like even random events like troll and evil chicken or theif
  4. its not detecting the right monsters i'm in the lumbridge cow field no guards or rats around at all and it doesnt even register the cows
  5. is anyone really buying this script its 999.00
  6. i had a iron axe weild and it always took out a bronze even when i have a iron just in backpack it still wants to withdrawl a bronze and when It depositing at the bank "Check to see if we can upgrade our axe!" followed by multiple "We do not have any axes we can use" before the script just ends. and is still looking for bronze
  7. i love that it gets all the items not making you have to to do the hardest part often the items are worse then the quest its self awesome script please Add druidic ritual
  8. wish i could get the stronghold door slover to work i always have to pause it and do it myself
  9. is range not working weither if its behind bars or right in my face it still doesnt work
  10. will there ever be an option to have a lifetime buy option? even if the price would be higher
  11. will there ever be an option to have a lifetime buy option? even if the price would be higher
  12. i'd pay you to add it please i really want a crafting bot with good anti ban
  13. please allow it to at least refill the buckets at a near by water sources like the sink by lumbridge basement recipe for disaster bank chest or Edgeville or falador or varrock
  14. i'm thinking about buying this but can it do pottery like at northern Ardounge bank runescape an the pottery wheel across the river there is an agility log short cut which makes lvling crafting fast to lvl 40 and then crafting more pottery at the crafting guide south west of falador
  15. this bot is broken no matter where i am or what setting i use it always runs to bank deposits even if there is nothing in backpack an then sits there and a minute later script ends
  16. shad0wskillz

    Delta Cooker

    could you please add support of cooking extras like milking cows and making cheese i really wanna make a lot of tuna potatoes they heal a lot there is a dairy cow and butter churn at the fally cow field/farm and there is a bank close by at draynor or fally
  17. is this bot broken i set it up to make bronze throwing knifes but all he does his stand in bank with it open nothing else
  18. will you make a new video to help with other logic and how to set other things up you still never told me how to make an account bank or open gates
  19. oh an the account was a member as well i had 29 days left and the acoount was banned after 4 hours
  20. after 4 hours of training on cows and goblins i got banned from a brand new account
  21. i just bought this script a few days ago so dont know everything how do i make my character walk to bank open gates talk to bank deposit items then go back to killing? an is it possible to have it do the strong hold of stronghold of security? if so how do i get it to do that
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