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    Gold Farming guide (Experience sharing)

    Another thing: One acc that lasted till now is using a pretty slow proxy, so it has some lag. Maybe it helps so that jagex can't tag it as a bot?
  2. joopedro59

    Gold Farming guide (Experience sharing)

    I know that some people run bots for 10 hours and keep the 500k profit they made out of it, but I know there are ways to make them last longer and profit a lot more. I just don't feel like doing this method that is played around on getting accounts banned.
  3. To begin with, I just wanted to make it clear that English is my second language, and I apologise for any ocasional mistakes. Just making it clear, this thread is where I'm going to share with you guys my first small gold farming experience, and try to help you guys with yours and maybe you could give me some advise back. There's probably a lot of information that you already know, but i'm going to describe the whole process and the results for each method from acc creation to training and go making money. By the way, I used proxies so I that i didn't get chain banned. Feel welcome to jump to the end if you don't want to know how a noob at goldfarming did on his first 4 days of experience. Starting the farm I invested some money on a few interesting scripts and these are the results (and process): (different accs created and methods to train) Detalis I created the e-mails and accounts. -The bots all looked different from the standard-looking recently created acc (a male wearing regular brow and green-like clothes) -The first 10 bots had different passwords, all the other ones had the same password. I made tutorial island myself on 4 accounts. I trained magic and hp on each of them, all without botting. I made them over 20 combat before starting to bot. Those accounts lasted 3 days, except for one that hasn't been banned so far. I have been botting on them pretty much 24/7. Those would run the best scripts, the ones supposed to give the best money/h. Those accounts worked great for at least 3 days straight. 2 of them were running 1 script, and the other, another script. Just now the first one of them got banned, but it was still pretty great profit. The other two are still working. But not for long, I suppose. I stopped using one of them and put another one on it's place, simillar stats from the first one, when it had just started. It got banned withing hours. (I botted tutorial island on that one, trained it myself). I suppose bans from tutorial island might be delayed a few hours for them to analyze the acc. For the next set of accounts, 6 of them now, I used a tutorial island bot. And then I trained them on chickens with starting equipment only, botting as well. One of them was banned right away. Then I sent the others to bot, all of them doing the same thing. I also put one of the accounts I trained myself to bot with those, and it had membership. Just 1 of them made it for longer than 15 hours. I figured the script was faulty, but it was saying it had the highest anti ban possible. I created 20 more accs and sent all of them to run the same script. It's a paid script by the way. None of them could really profit over 500k before getting banned. Which they all did, at once. (at least when i checked my screen, most of them were already gone) Detalis I should add: I sometimes was able to see people coming to me and asking if i was a bot, or someone saying "so many bots"... I simply answered "of course not" or "yes, a lot indeed" and resumed script. The 2 accs that I menaged to do it lasted a lot longer than the others and one of them is not even banned yet. The one account that answered and is yet to be banned is running a script. A friend of mine ran the same script on his main, since it was working just great for me. His main had over 170 qp and he had never botted. He got permanently banned within hours. My bot is still working. I'm guessing he was reported. Conclusion Okay, I admit I was dumb by sending levels 3 to go skill and make money on free worlds expecting them not to get banned, but... Not even one of them survived. This is slow, and you gotta fail to learn. I can not assure that botting tutorial island the reason a few accs got banned, as any of them got banned right away. But when 20 bots that did it got banned, I start to wonder if there's a relation between things. Also, training accounts myself seemed to make them last a lot more on the long run, even though I didn't really test it for sure, while training accounts using bots didn't seem to help at all. But that's a difficult thing to assure, because as answering people make accs last longer. Because that means that reports really make a difference whether the account gets or not banned (even though i'm pretty sure my 20 lvls 3 didn't get all reported). So, if a bot could train combat to... let's say, 40, 50? People wouldn't report it as it's not a shitty level 3 account. Specially if it's wearing any kind of armour. I know that this might be going too far, but all the bans that happened at once (or at least in a short period of time) were on accounts with the same password. I'm just saying that using different passwords wouldn't hurt anyone, since the accs were created right after each other with the same password, IDK, just expeculating. So... What I really wanted was you guys to share what you've learned so far to save me some time and money creating accs and failing. Is it worth it to invest on a combat bot to train my accs? make them wear armour? get them quest points? Is it just luck based? do you thing reports are really important? Feel free to message me if you feel like helping someone start out. Thanks a lot
  4. I can't hunt red chins using this script. It sometimes says banking and sometimes says that the traps are too far. Either way, it just runs away from red chins spot. Any solutions to this?
  5. joopedro59

    Can't run over 1 script at a time

    Oh, okay. It makes sense, thanks
  6. joopedro59

    Can't run over 1 script at a time

    So... I bought vip extended which should allow me to run many of the same script at a time. However, I just tried running over 1 USA Lava Dragons and it's saying that I can only run one at a time. I am logged into my tribot acc and I don't think this should be happening. I'm also wasting script time, so I hope you can help me soon, thanks