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  1. Placed an order in 8 or so hours ago
  2. 4 tick barb fishing?
  3. Buying 10 credits with paypal, pm me to talk
  4. o.o
  5. One thing I noticed. I am using this in fally castle and when I train I noticed if they are behind a room where I require the door to be open it doesn't open the door if someone shuts it... it makes me seem very bot like and someone has taken note of this already while I was afk for a bit. Please let it open objects when closed if it's blocking it's path thank you
  6. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/38-requests/ I am seeking a private simple script lol.
  7. Sorry if this is not the right area but where/who should I contact for a private script Found the right spot. Sorry! delete mod
  8. Is there any way you can create the option to bank via teleport methods like varrok teleport tab or varrok teleport runes for things like deadman mode? That way I it will be safe to train construction if you are teleporting to your house via law runes + lava staff and earth runes in inv an teleport back to varrok instead of risking clan/castle wars. If you can do this I will buy this
  9. I was wondering if a script has been made for this i have looked around and found nothing but the tower walking method north of yanil. Any one willing to make one for paypal?
  10. @Tri anyway you can add dungeon support + door support for the chaos druids under the shed infront of yanil bank? Requirment is 82 theiving but it cuts the time to the bank by a large margin. If it's already implemented can you please guide me on how to set it up correctly or send me a link with predefined references to examine, thank you!
  11. Maybe if the issue got addressed I would have refrained, not enough posts because the issue has been on-going since the update. Just because you resolved your issues doesn't mean others have been resolved as well. Please refrain from posting on my thread again unless you are going to provide an actual solution.