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  1. please add rune support.
  2. I just encountered this while exhausting the trial limit... i was baby sitting so luckily I stopped it and just restarted. Everything worked well after that but i'm just confused as to why/how this occurred now that I know it wasn't an isolated incident
  3. This is how i feel. I barley even play the game any more, when i do i bot.. like a few hours every few days off and on for 2 years on my main no bans everything's cool.... i purchased life time auths because i understood how i was going to play the game which was passively and not under a defined set of time based off of how much time i have left to use a script... I don't like to be pressured to play or bot. I'm pretty sure this practice is unethical because the life time option hasn't been available for quite a long time now so those who had them were pretty much grandfathered in aka the senior lurkers/members of this community. I understand the desire to receive and maintain a residual income however targeting this specific demographic with the changes made to remove grand fathered owners from the script from your service in-order to make them RE-PURCHASE the script and fall in line with the status quo of monthly subscriptions probably isn't the best way to go about it... greed and what not weighs heavy on the minds of those affected.
  4. Alias

    TRiBot Release 9.311_2

    Thanks for the update our lord and savior!
  5. Alias

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    I respect you a lot more as a programmer now for the consistency you provide. Thank you Encoded. Long live your legacy here
  6. Can you do me a favor? it would be advantageous in deadman mode if you simply do NOT cash them in just bank them or stack until inventory is full then bank. Manual cash out is best since you die a lot and banking them can help reduce the need to consistently baby sit the food isn't to much of an issue actually pref'd in DMM.. i love you mute. Been using all your scripts since u first released ur fletcher ages ago and been coming back and fourth since then from the botting scene only to see your still consistent. Respect, have a good one brother!
  7. Alias

    Jagex got me

    Looking glass = no bans, No looking glass = Guarantee ban F2p=? ban breaking = ban burning = ban yew logs? = ban.
  8. Alias

    Old School Runescape bot

    lmfao..... same man... altho i do wish to help this guy. Trial and error man, it's the best way to go about it! Also try making new accounts and don't bot on your main and on a months time your new acc will either surpass your main in other ways or it'll be banned. Either way you still have your main so nothing to lose!
  9. true but i wasn't really trying to tag him using the system just generally calling him out so to speak with the @ sign granted his spelling on his name was off but that's due to me being derpy. :l ty anyway tho lol on topic and reply to the above poster I get it, I got BTC set up but can't use so also frustrating but it's understandable i just hope there's something he can do manually to make an exception in this case because I truly cbf going the long way for credits when i'm generally indecisive as it is lol