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  1. I'm currently a student in an online bootcamp/school focusing heavily on JS, JSX , css html- on the react and redux portion right now. I'm happy to see you guys taking this route! I have high hopes, hopefully later on I can contribute in some way :) Been here for a long time, wish you guys nothing but the best!
  2. Same exact thing and the reason why I even came to this thread. Thanks for the free script though!
  3. Alias

    Auto Tithe Farm Pro

    Script works flawless. Got my 200 point can reward and 50 points to spare going for 55 for raids then stopping for a bot.
  4. WORKS AMAZING! Only bug = gets caught consistently until manual intervention @ witches house quest @ the part where you must sneak to the shed/fountain.
  5. I'm waiting for this release so I can purchase! Look promising friend, great work and despite the lack of activity on this thread i'm sure you have plenty of lurking eagerly waiting as well!
  6. Just used up my trial, can say wild altar still works! Will be purchasing now, glws looking forward to improvements if any
  7. i'm still having head aches with this on my desktop
  8. Is LG still not working? I want to use this but I don't want to use the injection based client due to auto detection. If LG is working, can you explain how to set it up normally because the old way of doing things seems to not be working when it comes to LG set up. TY GLWS LF to buying
  9. Alias

    Unable to use LG

    I am sad. I just purchased VIP-E for LG so i can get back into botting... turns out there is this issue going on .... turns out it's also been going on for a very long time now. If this issue isn't resolved asap I honestly may end up in our competitors market due to the attentive nature of their staff, updates and structure... sigh. Been here for 6 years as well.
  10. I just encountered this while exhausting the trial limit... i was baby sitting so luckily I stopped it and just restarted. Everything worked well after that but i'm just confused as to why/how this occurred now that I know it wasn't an isolated incident
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