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  1. I am interested in buying the script. But I've read the last couple of days that there are some problems occurring when running it? Can anyone confirm if It's running okay atm or if I should wait a bit? I have some accounts ready to go
  2. WuTangPang

    break handler

    All good man, happy new year!
  3. WuTangPang

    break handler

    Hope I'm allowed to post youtube links. If not, sorry
  4. Thanks a lot TriLeZ, you da man!
  5. WuTangPang

    How to Make Real Money With Runescape

    For how long has it been like this? I just got banned on 8 accounts yesterday within 2-9 hours of botting. Had private script and it is an empty area aswell. Accounts had good stats and high quest points. Is bot/gold farming even possible anymore? lost about 100m +
  6. WuTangPang

    Human Mouse Movement Data

    For me whenever I load up TRibot it says in the bot debug: Loading human mouse movement data. Then under it once finished loading it says: Successfully loaded human mouse data. So I'm assuming that everyone has access to human mouse movement and that It's not something you have to pay extra for to use. I don't know for sure though. Would be nice if anyone could confirm. Thanks.
  7. WuTangPang

    Human Mouse Movement Data

    Doesn't everyone get the human mouse movement? Is this something that you have to buy? I'm confused.
  8. So, I'm sort of tempted to buy the script and try it out to see how much gp can be made a day. Is it working properly atm? someone mentioned something about a new phase that it supposedly fails on. Can anyone confirm, or is it working 100% now?
  9. @Werwe99 Oh, I'm sorry to hear :/
  10. @Prodent Thank you! I noticed on that picture you have below, it says "run time: 2D 7H 34M 25S". made me wonder, can you suicide bot with this script and get away with it?
  11. @slipt Alright, thanks. Around how much do you make an hour killing Zulrah? do you know? I've never been there
  12. I heard Zulrah drops went down a lot in price. Is this true? if so, is the script still worth buying?