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  2. I am interested in buying the script. But I've read the last couple of days that there are some problems occurring when running it? Can anyone confirm if It's running okay atm or if I should wait a bit? I have some accounts ready to go
  3. Damn that's crazy! Can't wait for part 2
  4. I haven't really been active for a while now, but I check in every now and then to read some posts and I find this nice and detailed guide, really looking forward to part 2! Out of curiosity.. around how much gold do you make /day?
  5. Happy new year to all of you!
  6. All good man, happy new year!
  7. Hope I'm allowed to post youtube links. If not, sorry
  8. Is it a Jmod?
  9. Oh right, thanks
  10. Are you saying banrates are really low at the moment? I haven't botted for a while now.
  11. I remember some friends of mine used to take lyrica a lot. Aren't they medication for people with epilepsy? I got told this once