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  1. is mammothowl1010 on her period today?

    Y it's next to T, keyboard mistake. I think you are the most hated person on this community.
  2. is mammothowl1010 on her period today?

    Dosen't look that way. You say to me i'm a kid and you are in highschool, very nice, mature....
  3. Not working

    Nope, it's just a FREE script, it's so free that it dosen't work...i don't think the problem is for me. The script works to half...lol
  4. is mammothowl1010 on her period today?

    Yea this guy it's a shit head....only talking about common sense and other shit but ON TOPIC he is 0. He is contradictory with himself sometimes. He is too dumb to understand elementary things.
  5. Not working

    ''we''? Now you are schizophrenic ? HAHA! I'm not using any other bot, but since this dosen't work..ill find another. You go try the chicken slaughter then talk about common sense.
  6. Not working

    OK you are retarded not speaking to you anymore. Seems that i don't get a legit answer. Not using this bot and bye.
  7. Not working

    LOLOLOL. You see how blind you are now?
  8. Not working

    Ok you don't know what you are talking about....OF COURSE I ACTIVATED THE SCRIPT LOL, then how would it even go to the chickens and open the gate...stop telling me others shits about common sense and stupid nonsense because i don't care. If you have any valid information which could help me getting this working it would be much apriciated. If not, just search for another topic where to post your +1 .
  9. Not working

    Stop fucking pointing about the kid shit, that's an reply for the low minded people . More bots? When you enter on the site there is a BIG DOWNLOAD BUTTON which is auto chosing for you so obviosly i have that one. You remember the good old days? I DON'T CARE, if you don't want to help me stop posting but this is a forum, it is used to ask and answer, to post things....but you are blind to see that probably.
  10. Not working

    Thank you for the fucking useless post you smartass, your opinion is noted and used at wiping my ass with it, so if you can help me please make an usefull post not just post for +1. IF THE BOT DOSEN'T ATTACK CHICKENS, HOW CAN I FIGURE MYSELF WHY IT IS NOT? Maybe i don't have a weapon in my hands but there are 2 answers for that: 1. I do have a weapon in my hand / 2. You don't even need a weapon to attack a chicken. HOW ABOUT THAT?
  11. Not working

    Let's say for instance the lumby chicken slautgher. It starts the script, going to the spot, opening the gate then nothing happens, why is that ? I tried to record it but it seems that nothing happens when i start the script with bandicam on...also i have a fucking low fps(7fps) . On normal RS at high graphics i have 40-50 fps.
  12. Not working

    Hello, i tried to use bot at fishing in lumbridge(graveyard, swamp), to chicken and it is not working. It says that he cannot find the spot...wtf?