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  1. It's like a hotel except you occasionally have to share a room with strangers, i.e. serial killers.
  2. Did you fix this? May be interested in purchasing but not if the script is currently broken. @Tri
  3. I think what he's saying is that the appeal for the account being unbanned would be like an "under-the-table" sort of thing. Obviously it wouldn't be an argument in court, because you're right, Jagex does own your acc + items. But privately making a deal with Jagex's attorney to drop legitimate charges (i.e. Jagex used your personal information for marketing purposes against your will) in exchange for your account being unbanned is a liable course of action, and what I believe he's referring to. Sorry if this is grave-digging, just thought it was an interesting post.
  4. How would that help? I thought Jagex doesn't even read appeals for macro bans, so how would you even tell them you were 'hacked' or something?
  5. You have to have vip premium.
  6. I'm pretty sure I tried all of them. Feel free to check yourself, though. Let me know if you get any of them to work.
  7. If what's true? Yes, permanent F2P is here. That wasn't a lie, haha. PM me if you decide to make one or not, that'd be awesome!
  8. Now that permanent F2P is here, I'd love to see a working bone burier. Banks, buries inv. of bones, banks again. All the ones in the repository are broken. Cheers!
  9. Script works great, Usa was very helpful with updates.
  10. @Druid there is a bug where, when power-chopping (i.e. cutting teaks and dropping them) the bot will try to pick up any birds' nests that have fallen. The action text will change from "chopping tree" to "looting nests" over and over again in an endless loop. Can you please make it so if we are dropping our logs, the bot will not try to pick up any birds nests?
  11. @Usa this script doesn't work for green-dragonhide armor pieces. I tried it today with chaps and it withdrew the leather and then immediately ended the script. I'll post the 'debug' soon but I thought I would let you know.
  12. I have tried every herblore script in the repository. For each script, either it doesn't work or doesn't do what I want it to (i.e. only cleans/identifies herbs in Nardah). I understand Herblore may not be as profitable as it used to, but we all still need 50-something herblore for Legends' quest. I'd love to see a working herblore script that can mix properly. I'd be willing to pay for one, too. That is all. Thanks. NB - I don't want a private script, so please don't post/PM me asking about it. Thanks.
  13. Essentially. It would have to login, click once, and that's it..
  14. This would essentially just be a login bot.
  15. I'm pretty sure @Starfox Sigma Magic script can do this: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/33806-abcl-10-sigma-magic-premium-lunar-normal-spells-58-different-spells-supported/