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  1. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    @Aropupu you say we should have our screen all the way zoomed out but this causes some serious pathing issues when running back to the rooftop start point. The script clicks on the minimap in some pretty wild places and takes a really long time to reach the start point when my screen is all the way zoomed out. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  2. @Tri I am having an issue where the bot starts and then complains it is 'out of ammo' and just stands there doing nothing. I am training melee and have the 'using ranged' un-checked, although there is an ammo selected as I was previously training range. [13:43:19] Downloading script 'Tri Yak Fighter'. [13:43:23] Script Started: Tri Yak Fighter. [13:43:23] opening gui [13:43:23] Settings Loaded [13:43:35] We are going to use potions [13:43:35] potionb0 [13:43:35] GUI COMPLETE: Tri Yak Fighter Has Started [13:43:35] Next eating food at: 0.0 [13:43:35] Started calculating item prices! [13:43:35] Settings Successfully Saved [13:43:35] circle radius: 0.0 [13:43:35] The script will re-equip the following items [13:43:36] ammo [13:43:41] Runtime: 00 H 00 M 05 S [13:43:41] Total xp gained: 0 [13:43:41] 0 0 0 0 0 0 [13:43:41] Script Ended: Tri Yak Fighter.
  3. @Aropupu Whenever I start the script the GUI opens for a split second and then immediately closes.
  4. @Druid there is a bug with the shift-dropping where it will attempt to 'use' logs on each other and do this for the whole inventory. Can you please add a fail safe for this? It looks very bot like.
  5. @Aropupu The script will occasionally fail shift-click dropping ores when power mining. It tries to 'use' each ore in the inventory on each other, and does this for every ore in the inventory. This occurs when 'horizontal shift dropping' is set. Can you please fix this? It looks very bot like.
  6. Jagex is too desperate to ban bots!

    It's like a hotel except you occasionally have to share a room with strangers, i.e. serial killers.
  7. Did you fix this? May be interested in purchasing but not if the script is currently broken. @Tri
  8. Who wants to send Jagex a C&D?

    I think what he's saying is that the appeal for the account being unbanned would be like an "under-the-table" sort of thing. Obviously it wouldn't be an argument in court, because you're right, Jagex does own your acc + items. But privately making a deal with Jagex's attorney to drop legitimate charges (i.e. Jagex used your personal information for marketing purposes against your will) in exchange for your account being unbanned is a liable course of action, and what I believe he's referring to. Sorry if this is grave-digging, just thought it was an interesting post.
  9. Need Account Unbanned

    How would that help? I thought Jagex doesn't even read appeals for macro bans, so how would you even tell them you were 'hacked' or something?
  10. You have to have vip premium.
  11. F2P Bone Burier

    I'm pretty sure I tried all of them. Feel free to check yourself, though. Let me know if you get any of them to work.
  12. F2P Bone Burier

    If what's true? Yes, permanent F2P is here. That wasn't a lie, haha. PM me if you decide to make one or not, that'd be awesome!
  13. F2P Bone Burier

    Now that permanent F2P is here, I'd love to see a working bone burier. Banks, buries inv. of bones, banks again. All the ones in the repository are broken. Cheers!