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  1. bot will do 2-3 kills and eventually get stuck about 2 tiles before the 2 tables at clan wars and sit there for 7 mins and log out happened 6 times already..?
  2. the maximum amount of instances have surpassed everytime i try and start the script nobody is on it and its not even on whys this always happened
  3. I tried everything. it keeps running to the bank and right clicking random shit. I've been using this script for a year now not sure why this is happening.
  4. It'll also mess up a lot climbing up and down the ladder randomaly when it's still in the middle of a pocket of ore and will just climb back up sorry for no screenies
  5. script got stuck for 2 hours upper level of mother load clicking down at the cart while in the cornor of the lady in the rocking chair.
  6. Upperlevel when trying to go up sometimes can't find the ladder and takes a bit to climb and rotates the camera a lot.
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