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  1. I also encounter this memory leak issue with Windows Server 2012, and so have @godspower33. It's definitely a client problem, and a huge one, with the Windows Server OS:es, as same code doesn't memory leak with Linux etc. It occurs differently fast depending on location, for example at the karamja fishing docks the client will get a memory leak after only ~30-120 minutes, compared to it taking 12 hours or more at other areas. I've tested this (by using same script & code, same computer, same "run", using multiple accounts for correct results) and runescape location 100% matters regards how fast a memory leak will occur. I've had this issue for months now and have hard-debugged it to realize it's the client, and not a script error. I even made my own custom login bot as I thought it could've been the login thread, but that wasn't the case. It still occurs. I also experimented with disabling implements, and it didn't do any difference. I think that it might be something to do with tribot's cache handling, as I had a message about in one of the crash logs (line 79 below), and it'd make sense that's the problem as runescape location matters. Short compliation of logs: http://pastebin.com/MG9riR8E @TRiLeZ @Usa @Todd
  2. Tribot definitely has improvement areas (client startup arguments support that supports LG, good webwalking etc) but I agree, it's the best option out there.
  3. Only premium scripters are allowed to script paid tribot scripts
  4. Thanks for getting it up again as soon as you could, however keep in mind that me and others have lost hundreds of dollars solely in service costs (servers, proxies etc), not including potential profits. I hope you learn from this mistake, so downtime doesn't occur again regarding future updates (etc like this coming distributed computing network update, which apparently wasn't pushed now). Always be careful pushing updates or changing settings that can mess up your users botting.
  5. Probably mass DDoS on Amazon's host servers from some salty Hillary voters
  6. No offence but learn java before trying to script, it'll save you lots of time. Your whole loop method's structure is terrible, but that isn't the worst part. If you're scripting you should know the basics of java, and not need to ask this much of an basic answer. The problem is that you've just straight off copy-pasted a full method, with it's name and parameters, into another method. I suggest you to read/watch some java guides before continuing to script.
  7. Bough a socks5 proxy, went smooth, nice guy
  8. I think you're missing some items, check the client debug and see what it says
  9. Best alching script on tribot <3
  10. Botting activities that profit generally have a much higher ban rate. If you're botting on a main/"legit looking account" carefully and you're not profitting from whatever you're botting it's not impossible to get some 99s, my current main have 99 in all combat stats besides prayer from botting, achieved the past months.
  11. I'm happy you're looking to change the method but you should be more than aware that the webwalking method is working extremely poorly. It's very insincere for you to even ask these questions assuming or trying get away with it being the scripters fault for webwalking performing badly. The reason is obvious which all scripters know about, it's the very badly optimized API web walking method, not a script error. The webwalking method can only navigate to the biggest F2P cities within plane 0 and can even manage to get stuck walking simple paths like this. Examples where the method can get stuck; - below champion's guild when walking from Lumbridge to the teleport spot in Varrock - walking to the apothecary/Juliet's house in Varrock - anywhere besides Lumbridge castle where plane handling is required If you compare your webwalk method to OSBot's flawless system you'll to see how terrible TRiBot's web-walking truly is. Their walking has no issues navigating to places all over the map, supports different teleportation methods, different shortcuts (etc agility ones) and support all planes; not only the default ground level plane. I'm sure you're already aware of this, and you know how incredibly much your webwalk system is lacking compared to competitors. A proper webwalk method is most likely the most important API method for your users, it's a shame that a rework haven't been prioritized so far as the current version is so bad. If you care the slightest about your users and customers, step up your game and rewrite your webwalking method to meet the standards ASAP rather than prioritizing on other things that's working alright/isn't as crucial.
  12. This is actually absurd, the entire WebWalking method is actually shit, and have been an issue for YEARS, we deserve an reply @TRiLeZ @Todd @Usa
  13. You're implying like it's easy to make $9k through runescape lol, as eager you are you'll most likely only lose money, it's not as easy to goldfarm anymore
  14. You're wasting your time for many reasons, but good luck.
  15. Supposedly https://tribot.org/botpanel/ but I don't even think the picture function works, I'd recommend you to check through a program such as teamviewer instead, download the program on your computer and install the app on your phone and you're good to go