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  1. Very different to a pump n dump as we just give the projects we feel undervalued light with free advertising, what pump n dump groups do is that they only hype projects up for a day or often less than a hour, while we try to help out the project by giving them attention for a few weeks Pump and dump groups are made in a manner so everyone in the group competes with each other, the higher ranks profit from the lower ranks, we're the opposite, we work and shill together to make everyone in our community to succeed, as well as the projects we choose
  2. Hello everyone, the past few months me and some others have been working on a project where we focus on investing in solid & undervalued low marketcap coins, and then coordinated shill them together to get the public attention, which raises the coin's price. We were the ones who made Upfiring (UFR) rise from 2m market cap to a 45m market cap peak in the span of 2 weeks. We're now starting up again after having downtime through the recent bull market, and in the meantime have developed a website which will improve our results. We're planning to choose a coin and start again today with a new focus coin, but require new users shilling to do so, as our old userbase mostly have gotten inactive after the ~6 months we haven't been active. Therefore, we'd love any cryptocurrency involved people to join and give us a shot, we're truly doing something unique which works. You can join us at https://discord.gg/ZbdqwpP Hope to see you there More info: https://pastebin.com/H9rMh9Jw
  3. Just stun and curse if I'm not incorrect. Could however relatively easily check through the source and add support for other curse spells if you have scripted before.
  4. Try restart the client and when the script stops check the bot debug (bottom of the tribot window)
  5. Wasn't aware of that method actually haha but I guess that could work too, atleast for lists and for arrays too if they are converted to lists
  6. Thought to share these two methods as they are easy to implement and will hopefully help a few people public static <T> ArrayList<T> randomize(ArrayList<T> list) { if (list != null && list.size() > 0) { ArrayList<T> newList = list; ArrayList<T> availableItems = new ArrayList<T>(); for (int i = 0; list.size() > i; i++) { availableItems.add(list.get(i)); } if (newList != null && availableItems != null) { for (int i = 0; list.size() > i; i++) { T randomItem = availableItems.get(General.random(0, availableItems.size()-1)); newList.set(i, randomItem); availableItems.remove(randomItem); } return newList; } } return list; } public static <T> T[] randomize(@SuppressWarnings("unchecked") T... items) { if (items != null && items.length > 0) { T[] newArr = items; ArrayList<T> availableItems = new ArrayList<T>(); for (int i = 0; items.length > i; i++) { availableItems.add(items[i]); } if (newArr != null && availableItems != null) { for (int i = 0; items.length > i; i++) { T randomItem = availableItems.get(General.random(0, availableItems.size()-1)); newArr[i] = randomItem; availableItems.remove(randomItem); } return newArr; } } return items; }
  7. swagg

    Crypto currency

    https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets ctrl+f "/USD" to see the exchanges where you can buy the currency with FIAT https://www.bitfinex.com/ for example, would be a good alternative
  8. swagg

    OSRS mobile bottings

    not necessary useless for goldfarming if mobile botting would prove to have significantly lower banrates, which would be possible
  9. You should be able to buy some completed accounts at sythe, I'd go with that
  10. I don't think they are targetting real world trading from the duel arena thing, it suggested that they did target real world trading looking on the chapter title but the text say that they more are trying to get rid off x:ers (odd stakers) which is a good thing for us botters as plenty of gp sales comes from odd staking
  11. Game.getSceneFlags() might possibly help you, might also not, I have never used or even looked at the method before but this snippet use it to determine if you're inside a building or not so might help
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