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  1. What's a guy gotta do to get a message back? Getting ghosted on here and discord =/ @TRiLeZ @Usa @Montreal @YoHoJo @Fluffee
  2. Purchased some when you were offline yesterday on accident, apologize as I see this is pretty common ^ Taskbar was blocking the offline portion on the very bottom of the page, so all I saw was Livechat status: green in the demo.
  3. Pumper bot for Blast Furnance Starting to get a lot more popular by normies for strength exp / no hp. Would be pretty simple to make I assume.
  4. Just got the trial, was trying to make some Harralander (Unf) potions and it's not recognizing my items in the bank
  5. Trying to do desert lizards, after I start it up, it will go to bank, grab 100 coins, 50 coolers, and 10 waterskins (4) then just sit there e: Wasn't working for ectophial or teleports by runes (wouldnt pull out a full teleport) I went and bought teletabs and it went. Will update if I find anything else. Thank you for the script!
  6. A lot of pures in F2P train in Clan Wars My idea still stands sounds very useful
  7. Request: - Clan Wars white portal bot for training combat Description: - Enter Clan Wars white portal and attack other members in the combat zone for experience, and repeat after death Payment Amount: - Thinking it would just be a cool public script Time: - Whenever Additional: - I think this would be a cool bot, especially for people in F2P to use and it would also benefit people not botting as they would have more people to fight in Clan Wars!
  8. On the 'Safe Botting Guide' it says to create each account on the same proxxy IP you'll be botting it on -- How exactly can you do this since you can't create an account in the tribot window? How do you enter proxxies into like mozzilla firefox lets say
  9. I appreciate the concern! But what could possibly happen? !
  10. Right on -- Haven't botted in over a year on this IP hope i should be okay
  11. Just found on it looks like they don't really frown upon playing as many accounts as you want and even interacting between them -- until it gets to the gold selling part ofc and any rulebreaking. http://services.runescape.com/m=rswiki/en/Multiple_logging-in I am just afraid that they could be quick to insta ban a ton of accounts on one IP even though I wouldn't be rulebreaking-- and lord knows they don't give a fuck a bout appeals haha
  12. Can they still / Will they still IP ban you for goldfarming if you are playing a bunch of accounts legit?
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