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  1. Ahahahahaha
  2. Alright bad news only got 83-86 runecrafting, good news is i got a 2 day ban but wanted 91 rc
  3. Malware bytes removed files but they came back so i downloaded avast it did a startup screen scan and removed every malicious file/adware/malware so happy it's like new
  4. Lmao thanks guy's that one guy made me chuckle about the premium scripts
  5. Ok so i got a laptop from my friend, she said i could keep it on one condition...dont remove any files or wipe hard drive etc.. problem is it has really bad pop ups and offers malware etc.. i haven't had to deal with a virus for a while so im clueless where to start..i dont trust youtube so i came to my fellow botter's for some help a free virus remover that works on windows 7?
  6. Thanks guy's appreciate the feedback.
  7. Ok so i got a 2 day ban a year ago,just looked at it and it expired, i really want to bot again will they give me 2 day ban again or perm, i am in the safe zone since it expired like it's completely at 0 long story short:i botted before got the 2 day ban and now it expired which put's me back in a cleaned state..before if i got caught i would get permed
  8. Mate, i was wondering if there was any chance you could make the bot charge the glories when there all used?just wondering since all you need is like a games necklace
  9. switched to ubuntu and the script won't start what can i do mate?i have tweaked around with settings themes everything
  10. same thing here...restart and close and instances ...bugging me i have a paid scritp too