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  1. Aceten1

    Banned for Botting

    Lol you guy's are brutal
  2. Aceten1

    Client Starter on Linux

    Alright that's working fine is the client starter failing on you ? download java oracle 8 and run the jar with oracle java 8 i was running it with java 8 jdk and it kept failing for me
  3. Aceten1

    Client Starter on Linux

    Tribot_loader.jar----properties---> permissions-----> excecutable
  4. Aceten1

    Client Starter on Linux

    i've ran it before im using linux mint atm i click properties and make sure the file is excecutable, usually runes with java oracle 8+
  5. Mate, i was wondering if there was any chance you could make the bot charge the glories when there all used?just wondering since all you need is like a games necklace
  6. switched to ubuntu and the script won't start what can i do mate?i have tweaked around with settings themes everything