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Everything posted by marioarevalo

  1. Banned after 3 hours with 2 hours break between? What the fuck is this? I want a refund or I will be really mad
  2. Can you make quest cape teleport for fairy rings? Thanks
  3. Trying to take task from Vannaka, I get stuck in the door near skeletons always.
  4. Have you think in barricade repairing & log chopping? It would be cool for def pures or 10hp pures
  5. Please, when in jad phase make it to stop trying to attack zulrah. I have been killed multiple times because the bot auto attack snakelings, and then it tries to attack zulrah, sometimes I get 0,5secs lag and it fail all the switches. I prefer to waste 1-2 attack on snakelings than die due to the bot trying to attack zulrah
  6. Sometimes the bot stop attacking when zulrah is in the bot side of the island, and just auto attack the snakelings. Also, is worth using the blowpipe or is better rune crossbow?
  7. After around an hour or so of botting, it randomly stops, I will post the details when it happen again, but it has happened 2 times in a row.
  8. It tries to click very close to the border of the minimap, so it didnt click on the minimap, can confirm, but Im not at my house atm.
  9. You should give an option to disable anti-PK, just watch the last Mila vid in reddit, bot insta-TP and logout
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