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  1. Is he going to update this script or what? Bloody enchantment room doesn't work!
  2. With the world switcher update the enchantment script doesnt work. Can't hop worlds properly. Can you sort this, cos im like 1 day away from 5 mage books here
  3. why wont the script detect my staff ? Ive tried with fire staff, water staff and air staff now
  4. Am I okay using this with a pure? Its not going to get me defence xp is it?
  5. Why does the script just end at the end of a break? I can't use the break timer with this script... :/
  6. Hey, Just bought script today, however after setting everything up, when I click start it just jumps to last tab on GUI and doesnt do anything? Anything I may of set up wrong? Also for the lunar feature to work do I need tele tabs and do I need to be on lunars before I start the script, or does it switch back and forth from lunars?
  7. 227james227

    TRiBot Release 9.211_0

    Since you are not VIP, you are only allowed to run ONE script at a time. Please close your other instances of TriBot to use this one. Anyone explain to me why everytime i try to run a script I get this?? No other client open?? WTF?
  8. 227james227

    How to use the new Break Handler Tutorial by Zainy

    Ino how to use it basically, all it is im going on holiday in two days and would like my bots to run over the week im away. Now obviously I dont want it to run for 7 hours, then break for 7 hours if you get me? I want it so I can set up a days worth of breaks and running, then get this whole thing to repeat? I wanna be able to click run tomorrow morning, itll run few hours, break, run a few more, break, run an hour more, then sleep for 12 hours, then repeat for 7 days. Anybody help me out?
  9. actualy this has just deleted itself from my tri repository, and i have no clue as to why?? Whats the crack?
  10. My aplogies for this man, it was down to me running out of water runes.! Awesome script, highly recomend it!
  11. Hey man, Firstly great script, runs like a dream. However over the past couple of days I've been having trouble with it running for longer than an hour? From what I can see it takes a break, with the Tri break handler, but then cant manage to go back to the room? This only happens though with Telekinetic and Graveyard. Any ideas?
  12. Hey Having some issues with this script this morning. Im on lunars, i have earth staff, astral runes and natures and coins in myinvent, yet it wont make planks? It just logs me out and ends the script?
  13. tbh this happened to me also. If you could add switch worlds from 385/386 that would be awesome!
  14. Hey, Just an idea for a script update, or even a seperate script for that matter. Black chinchompa hunter that runs to wildy catches x amount of chin chompas and bank in edge. You could add tele support (Glory, Ancient Magicks teles to edgeville dungeon etc) for when pkers come, or just in general for fast banking. You could also add a pker preventer that uses an imp-in-the-box to quick bank your chinchompas if pkers come and dont teleblock you. Or even add Super Energy Pots and food, so it eats and runs to wildy ditch if pkers come. And then if you die it banks for runes, teles to edge (or varrock then walks) and restarts? (Please think about spawning at Lummy, fally and cammy) Its quicker xp in my opinon, due to one extra trap being allowed to be laid. Just a thought, I know Id pay for it!