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  1. Vps was ready to use almost instantly, everything seems to be running smooth. Great service!
  2. Here's a decent proggy. Don't know if the profit calc shows what actually gets sold though. EDIT: Also, you should make it hop out of bot worlds [:
  3. When trying to use the auto trade the bot just stands in the bank and keeps trying to download the worlds repeatedly over and over in a loop.
  4. The account that's supposed to trade me the bonds has 28 free inventory slots and it just stands still in the trade indefinitely.
  5. BUG REPORT Name of quest: Death Plateau Picture of entire screen (rs window and bot debug): In this picture it gets stuck indefinitely doing nothing. After simply manually clicking the ground it clicks on the minimap and continues the script. In this picture it tries to put one of the balls on top of another during the puzzle. After manually removing the ball that was in the way the script continued correctly.( I managed to screenshot it first with the client debug up and only noticed after. So I scrolled up to the part that's relevant and screenshot it again and put it in the first picture.)
  6. Could you please add a failsafe so that if the pickaxe happens to break during 1-30 it will go to the bank and get another one?
  7. The welcome message reminded me of a troll virus I got on my windows 2000 ages ago haha
  8. IdiotProof


    Did a total of 21 quests on 3 accounts. Quick, cheap, reliable and trustworthy.
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