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  1. Does this work with cannon and rock crabs? Before I purchase
  2. Does this now support rock crab banking?
  3. It's working like a charm. botting for 40 minutes and already got 50 points. Ima take a nap see how its going when I wake up
  4. juskhagar

    Need a Flesh Crawlers Script.

    None of them have stronghold banking as a preset. I have all the premium AIO fighters
  5. juskhagar

    Need a Flesh Crawlers Script.

    I have 1 Pray and I'd like to keep it like that for now. Flesh crawlers at strength is easy 60-80k an hour. I'm willing to pay hefty for flesh crawlers. bot
  6. The custom walking would not be able to go to stronghold right?
  7. juskhagar

    Need a Flesh Crawlers Script.

    I actually have them all. I have no idea how to set up the banking.
  8. juskhagar

    Need a Flesh Crawlers Script.

    Rock crabs are too slo xp for my 1 def pure , I need a script where I can use V tabs to bank and use str pots, need to run back to stronghold and answer questions correctly. Will pay a good price for a good script.