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  1. [13:17:22] Starting client. [13:43:14] Downloading script 'Tri Experiment Fighter'. [13:43:16] Unable to load script 'Tri Experiment Fighter'. Keeps happening now :\
  2. Read the Premium Script(ers) Requirements https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17130-premium-script-requirements-all-premium-scripters-read/ Bellow is a few things from that thread. This slayer script topic is named: [slayer][40 HRS/ALL MASTERS] Brian's AIO Slayer & AIO Combat [$25/15M] The script can hardly last 1 task, and it has been this way ever since I bought the script (weeks ago), and does it really do all masters? Really?
  3. What Brian/Mute should try and do, is team up with WussupWussup. His combat AIO LITE (Free version), is bloody top notch. Instead of using this bot, (which I had to babysit the whole time...zzz), I got my task manually, moved my player to the location and started the Combat AIO Script. Flawless, kills every slayer task monster, prayer support, potion support, looting support. If this was merged with this slayer bot, it would be probably the greatest script in RS history.
  4. Haven't even bothered using this script past few days, guess I'll just keep waiting 'till it's more stable Good luck Mute & Brian.
  5. You're lucky to get 5k slay xp/hr with this $25 bot. Out-phucking-rageous.
  6. sorry lagged, didnt mean to double post
  7. Why does it bring 3 sharks, 18 p pots to a basilisk task? Only needs sharks, after it eats the 3 it banks and doesn't even use p pots, so why take em out?
  8. I'd really really really like to see some agil shortcuts implemented. I have access to every shortcut and can save 5-10min each trip. eg: jump over the spiked floor in taverly dungeon and ur at hellhounds in 10sec after entering dungeon.
  9. Still gets stuck on boat to duradel, NPC contact will cancel that out though, so thanks for adding that, and to ppl who cant use NPC Contact; Sucks to be you if you wanna use duradel hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabye
  10. Mute, Brian, good job with the updates guys, and my sincerest apologies if I seemed/spoke out of line the other day. Keep up the good work Having a problem : Just started the script, it tries to "Grab slayer info" with the enchanted gem but nothing happens. Restarted the client but still happening :\ - MY task is monkeys if that helps. (I had basilisks before but I skipped to see if it would work, but didn't)
  11. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's worse at higher levels. It will only kill monsters if you already have a task, as it fails to get off the boat at brimhaven to get a new task. Half the time it fucks up halfway during task when it banks aswell lol. Dissapointed. :\
  12. https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17130-premium-script-requirements-all-premium-scripters-read/
  13. Bought this script yesterday, runtime at around 17hrs and only done 3 tasks. Always fucks up going to duradel on the boat. Always skips greater demons? When going to black dragons/hellhounds etc it won't use the agility shortcut and walks around the long way Got stuck in burthope going to a hellhound task?! Those are just a few I have seen so far.. If you want script to work you will have to sit and babysit it, but then, what's the point of even having this script if you have to sit and watch the fucking script.
  14. This is what I'm saying, are these not detailed enough to be fixed?