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  1. lol...EPIC fail. Logged into world with a clan, logged out in time. What does the bot do? Switch worlds...to the exact same one. Logged back in & sat there while they killed me. -.-
  2. This. Please: Don't let the bot walk to the dragons without a staff. Add in a way to have it re-quip whatever gear we're wearing if it dies. Kind of sucks when you die (which happens to me a lot.....) and it continues using just the 3 items. It'd be nice if it would put back on a magic ammy, etc. Edit: Can't turn it back on. Not sure how it turned off... Edit 2: Turned it back on, had to click with tribot cursor instead of mine. Edit 3: Um, is the looting bag working for everyone else? I have it checked but the bot isn't using it. Edit 4: Also, worst trip ever. Edit 5: Restarted script, still not using loot bag. Can you move the loop that grinds the dragon scale elsewhere? It never grinds the last scale in the inventory and wastes a spot. Also, it definitely looted 2 iron arrows, lol. Do the dragons drop 2 at a time? If so I'd just delete that from the loot table >_>. I'll uncheck it later.
  3. I had 5 accounts get up to 95 wcing each with the same habbits. Never too long, always at the same time of day, always with breaks & only using this script.
  4. In the last two weeks I've had ever single wcer (except 1) be banned. They've all only used this script. They're all on their own, private proxies and are the only accounts on them - so it's not a flagged IP issue. I can only conclude that this script is now compromised.
  5. Script didn't even know anyone was there until it had already been hit multiple times >_> Also, deathwalking need to be fixed. First off, it was going to go back out without an air staff or any air runes. Secondly, it almost ALWAYS missclicks the lumb castle stairs and walks all the way outside like 3 times before it finally makes it up.
  6. In the last week or so I've lost ~5 accounts with 90+ wcing. Have you changed anything?
  7. Trying out the trial right now. I've noticed that if you don't have the correct amount of items (no tele tabs, or only 2/3k runes if you're doing 1k fire strikes) that it just sits in the bank doing nothing. Edit: Not happy with the walking so far at all........ It got to the lvl 27 obelisk, but the walked over to the other side of the hill. It stood there & let a dwarf hit it for a while until it walked back up the way it came. Then, it started clicking back & forth forward & backward. Easy ban. Finally got to the other end of the hill and it did the same thing for a while. Didn't actually realize "run from X wild" meant it would stop trying to get the right obelisk, but due to this alone, I'd consider removing the 27+ option. Surprised you haven't had it reported earlier.
  8. @Tri If magic mode is enabled, can you have the script stop or something if it runs out of runes? It just attacks with the staff if it does, which sucks if you were trying to not get combat stats
  9. @TRiLeZ Also, not sure if it's webwalking or not, but Catherby yews are a little buggy. When it's at the northern yew tree (near the path up to Camelot) and it's ready to walk down to the other trees, it clicks inside of the bee pen. This is gated & usually closed, but it's open on the far side (near the flax field). So, it walks all the way around, into the flax field, and then walks to the trees.
  10. @TRiLeZ Thanks. Lost two woodcutters overnight, one was 90+ wcing. Checked random videos and they weren't stuck or anything. I've only ever used this script on both accounts. The only thing I can think of is to slow down the solving of some random events. For example, the strange box is usually solved way too quickly. Lastly, had another wcer burn through all 3 axes in just a few hours. Not sure what else you can do, but some more ent detection would be really nice...
  11. @TRiLeZ I keep forgetting to report this bug, but it's a pretty big one. If the account has been using a rune axe and it no longer has it, it will get stuck in a loop consisting of going to the bank, depositing its empty inventory, looking for an axe, not finding one, closing the bank, walking back to trees, repeat. It'll just keep walking back & forth forever. Easy ban. Worst part is that it's only looking for current axe or better ("upgrade axe") - not just any axe. I had it burn through 3 rune axes in 1 night (maybe some more ent detection? =\) and it refused to use the lower level axes in the bank (bronze, steel, etc).