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God Pks

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  1. Not sure why you guys are focusing on the bitcoin part lol. Obviously the whole "selling your entire database for 1 bitcoin" was more of a douche move than a for-profit one. This just goes to show that more internet security needs to be put into place for those websites.
  2. Nowhere. Your failed attempts to claim sarcasm for stupid posts have failed.
  3. There wasn't sarcasm in your post. There was in his. You failed to see it.
  4. I had 5 accounts get up to 95 wcing each with the same habbits. Never too long, always at the same time of day, always with breaks & only using this script.
  5. In the last two weeks I've had ever single wcer (except 1) be banned. They've all only used this script. They're all on their own, private proxies and are the only accounts on them - so it's not a flagged IP issue. I can only conclude that this script is now compromised.
  6. I've never had to do that. Ever.
  7. What? Whenever I get that error, I just restart the client & have no problems.
  8. According to your ToS, I can't order your services if I have a 16M bank. lol.
  9. Just close & restart your client on your computer.....
  10. In the last week or so I've lost ~5 accounts with 90+ wcing. Have you changed anything?
  11. Thank you! Have some boobs.
  12. Tribot credit? <3
  13. @Tri If magic mode is enabled, can you have the script stop or something if it runs out of runes? It just attacks with the staff if it does, which sucks if you were trying to not get combat stats
  14. @TRiLeZ Also, not sure if it's webwalking or not, but Catherby yews are a little buggy. When it's at the northern yew tree (near the path up to Camelot) and it's ready to walk down to the other trees, it clicks inside of the bee pen. This is gated & usually closed, but it's open on the far side (near the flax field). So, it walks all the way around, into the flax field, and then walks to the trees.