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  1. look who 1st replied, the same guy who replies to similliar threads advertising those shops so you can pay more for the same product. Anyways, stop listening to them they will not lift the ban and u cant fix this, anyone saying otherwise is just talking shit
  2. Oh_my_Goth there is no point in trying, been here done that, they will do nothing to help you, you will just waste your time reading the reccommendations here 'cause in the end they will not help you anyways... they just ask to up their postcount or make it look like they are "helping". Guess who posted 1st? A guy advertising the alternative method lmao.. Trilez once already said they will not lift the paypal ban, probably because this way its more beneficial to them
  3. old problem, been around a few years and they dont care cause most users run windows, this is not script problem
  4. How did this awesome script with soon to be added features turn out for you? lmao
  5. Can i get a refund after using trial all seemed fine but as soon as i bought this problems like failed pk detection came up. Getting stuck in the dungeon and dying, getting stuck in lumb castle after dying
  6. haha are you sure you done replying? You seem like a typical keyboard warrior/neckbeard. How is it complaining asking ONCE a year where is a said feature, your logic is priceless, newfag....
  7. Where did I beg ? I asked what does "soon" mean to the scripter and for the crying part, how can a person cry in a forum, crying is shedding of tears and how can a person shed tears virtually? please stop this flow of stupid words coming out of your mouth and do your homework great that you have proof that the feature is MAYBE coming but getting mad when people ask after a year where the said feature is, is a bit immature
  8. I remember reading about a year ago or so when i bought this script that changing rooms automatically and auto buying item will be coming "soon". Can you define soon?
  9. Last time Trilez told me to use my home ip. NOW I did. still same error. As i can see many others also experience this same problem for a while now, trilez fix your shit. Tried both paypal and CC. To everyone else: Dont you even start to suggest me to turn off my vpn proxy or use the community market - i've read this shit here over and over again. Why put a feature on the website that doesn't even work? If i wanted to use the community market i would have done it long time ago and it is funny how trilez is actively trying to make sure he gets less money from us with this fraudulent bs
  10. @daxmagex where can i find starting parameters to use without gui so i can use this is script queue
  11. Guess ill have to change bot then
  12. No. i have always used VPS. using my ip would be acting differently
  13. VPS
  14. Hello, Lately ive been trying to purchase credits with paypal but it says it might be fraudulent etc.. Trying to use the paypal that i have always used, verified by tribot and paypal, it has been working since beginning but i don't know why its not working at the moment.