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  1. Account is a goner ur best bet is to try to bot saturday and hope mod weath isn't in the office so u can ban saturday and sunday. But sounds about right automatic ban.
  2. Who do you purchase ur proxys from? Need some reliable ones
  3. How many accounts can you run per authorization just 1?
  4. Whats ban rate guys? I lost my main using zulrah slayer. Want to start a few accounts with this script since it has no requiremetns ::)))
  5. An update on this thread. I successfully got a refund. Thank you tribot.org.
  6. I agree. All I am trying to say is that there should be a disclaimer in the very least stating that script has an EXTREMELY HIGH BAN RATE. As oppose to deleting warning posts and pretending like "you make the cost of the script in 2 days".
  7. I have been monitoring a premium script worth 30+ usd a month and realized that people are getting banned after using it 10-20 hours with breaks etc. These people buy the script thinking they will make the money back in 2 days (like thread states) not knowing they will get banned after the 1st day of use. This is false advertising. When people post on thread so unknowingly new customers are aware of the extremely high ban rate, the posts are deleted. As a result, new customers are not aware that they will lose their accounts instantly. I am not speaking out of my behind here. I can list 20 people who have been banned after less than 10 hours of use in the past 2-3 days. Something needs to be done.
  8. What settings do u use to avoid bans and seem legit? I have had 2 mains banned less than 1 week apart :(.
  9. Mod Weath was on vacation....Coming back to HQ on Monday lol...Lets see if my account survives.
  10. I have been testing this script for 1-2 hours a day and no ban. I dont have teh balls to increase usage time lol.
  11. Basically everytime I start it it says "LOADING" for 10 mins and never starts. http://prntscr.com/b28r6d Only way to reset it to close adn restart tribot and t hen I get the message I am already running a previous instance and have to wait 30 mins for it to close. GF me. It is weird I have ran this bot for 30 hours already and getting little issues here and there. Its working now again. GL me come @ me mod weath~! SKURDA SKURDA!
  12. http://prntscr.com/b28jej
  13. Yep I am doing option 4. Waiting
  14. I think the message that u get when ur tribot crashes telling you to close prior instance or to purchase VIP is done on purpose so non VIP users purchase VIP. It is pretty annoying because I have no other instance open and it still wont let me open the bot i paid 40 usd to use.
  15. I tried giving script another chance but it does not work. It banks and rebanks mage and ragne gear.