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  1. Thanks for the note. But what would the pictures be of? Completing the quests when they're done? A bank full of mined ore? Making videos/gifs seems like a bit of overhead to show progress, but it's not a terrible idea.
  2. Plenty of gold to be made in Lumbridge. There's a bank there, and that's all you need to make quite a bit of gold. And to be fair, it's just the starting location. Eventually, the rest of RS will be added. Thanks!
  3. Hmm, I doubt that's correct. Otherwise ISPs in Australia who use NAT for IPv4 conservation would see a lot more problems. You may be right about keeping the script private for short term profit. However, I'm playing the long game here. Shame that once this script goes public, your script won't be that impressive anymore because everyone will have their own private bot armies.
  4. Proxies are the largest challenge, but I'm curious to see how Jagex would react to 150 or so bots running from the same public IP. Wonder if it'd be an insta-ban or if I'll be able to transfer the gold off fast enough.
  5. Really? Only two hours to do entirely on each's week taks list. Are you sure that two hours allows them to implement all the fail-safes to make it fully autonomous or are we just talking a hand aid? It's actually quite viable. A script like this handles everything for you. From creating your account in tutorial island to running to automatically transferring the gold to a mule after a certain amount. Hell, it'll be eventually able to handle your mule transactions automatically for you. The whole goal of this script to automate a gold farm. Automate the entire system and scale it hard. Ideally, I'll be running this script privately on over 500 bot instances. Waiting for the script to be approved shouldn't be an issue as long it's generating me money... I figured I'd earn more selling the script that I would be trying to gold farm myself, but we'll see. Week 3: Sunday Update
  6. Week 2: Wednesday Update We did it! Woot! After a few stressful nights and obtaining an insurmountable pile of technical debt, I've managed to to caught up with my work. Last week's tasks are done. The technical debt is crazy on it all. It all needs rewritten, but it works, and that's what counts during these sprints. Honestly, walking in all ganky and I need a better way to handle walking. I was planning on writing my own web walking, but that would delay progress by a few weeks. I've been checking out AdvancedWalking but haven't managed to give it a try yet. I've also even finished crafting and making chocolate dust this week already. Mining is still in progress. This is where I started playing around a bit more (trading out better axes per level in banking methods), which is dragging down overall progress. I'll probably stop screwing around with the features and go simple for the next couple of weeks. Anyway, mining just needs to be verified, and I'm off to The Restless Ghost...
  7. Thanks for the support, hopefully you'll like the end results. Below is my most recent update. I missed Friday's update for last week. Week 2: Sunday Update
  8. That's not quite correct either. You can technically test your script using multiple instances. More of a chance of finding a rare bug between 100 accounts rather than just one.
  9. Yes, it's totally a complete joke. /s Actually, it might get finished this time without crappy devs getting in the way. Is the process for getting premium the premium scripter rank really that slow? I'm not sure you speaking from personal experience. Thanks. I was considering waiting until the script was nearly done, but I figured rally the community rather than trying to explain something complicated after it's finished. Hopefully, I can keep ahead of life and won't have to go MIA. How do you figure? I've already caught about 10k shrimp =D I won't. It'll be interesting to see them using my script once it's complete though. =D The goals that have been set are actually pretty decent, I think. They're not uber complicated and it builds a solid foundation for the next few steps. I'm looking forward to actually getting this monstrosity built. My Wednesday update should be coming in the next few hours.
  10. Thanks! Yeah, I'll be watching your script progress. I've wrote most of tutorial island for Tribot in the past and it really just needs tweaked a tiny bit (uber slow and inefficient, too much shitty code). But I figured after Lumbridge, tutorial island would be next. Thanks! Yeah, I'd love contributions from others. I was going to try to find devs from outside the RS cheating scene just to get fresh eyes on this rather than someone neck deep in their own projects. Magic! Actually I'll obtain the premium scripter rank around week 8 or so. My idea was to release tutorial island, basic lumbridge fisher (cooker), and the restless ghost as free and open source scripts, which should grant me at least the script writer rank around week 6. Hopefully I can work with USA or Trilez for the premium script rank. They'll be able to view the source code and hopefully a project of this scale will catch their interest. Who knows, maybe it'll be the beginning of the next 'rsbots' (Nexus reseller) but with Tribot.
  11. Description: The Ultimate Script (TUS) is an all-in-one (AIO) script. It does every skill, every quest, and can do anything in the game. Every task in the game will eventually be added to this script1. If a player can do it, so can this script. Background: Project: Originally, this script idea started on RSCA. I even had a POC written for Nexus before it was shutdown. The project failed due to the lack of focus and my shitty development skills. Now I have a focus and am more prepared to take on the challenge, even without the best dev skills. If Tribot happens to go down during development of this script, the project will finally die, permanently, but I want to give it a new life here. Personal: I have a stable career and am a full time student, which takes a lot of my free time. The bright side of this is I'm able to afford to pay devs for their time to contribute to such a project. If you're interested in contributing to a project such as this, feel free to shoot me a PM. Script Development: The script is currently being developed town by town. If something can be done in that town, it is being coded into the script. Rather it be claiming runes from the Training Wizard or just talking to the RuneScape Tutor about the game, it will exist within the script. The starting town for RuneScape players is Lumbridge, and so that will be the start of this script. Also, the script is only being developed for the free-to-play world until everything from Tutorial Island to Dragon Slayer is added to it. Once the entire F2P world is conquered, P2P features will be implemented. Current Town Overview: Lumbridge Skills Mining West Swamp Mine Training Mine Combat Cows North East Chickens North East Goblins West East North(?) Spiders West East Men Rats Smithing Smelting Woodcutting Normal trees Oaks Yews Cooking Fishing Quests Cook's Assistant The Restless Ghost Rune Mysteries Sheep Shearer Miscellaneous Prayer Altar General Store Axe Shop Bank Skills (Money Making) Chocolate Dust Crafting Once Lumbridge is complete, I will add it as a free script on the repository for 1 month. This will allow users to get a feel for how to operate the script and give me more data to analyze for the next town I work on. There will be no way to opt out of data gathering at this point3. Project Timeline: Originally, this project was supposed to complete a half a decade ago. Obviously, it hasn't been. If I do fall behind, I'll do my best to leverage third-party developers to catch up. I have divided my objective based work into weekly segments. Each week there should be a Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday update. The progress of the goals are color coded4. Week 1 (October 9th - 15th): Fishing Cooking Cook's Assistant Sheep Shearer Week 2 (October 16th - 22nd): Crafting Chocolate Dust Mining The Restless Ghost Week 3: (October 23rd - 29th): Combat Rune Mysteries Script Argument Generator Week 4: (October 30th - Nov. 5th): Woodcutting Smithing Miscellaneous Antiban Implementation Week 5: (November 6th - 12th): Code Refactoring Bug Squashing Data gathering Week 6: (November 13th - 19th):2 Alpha Release Bug Squashing Week 7: (November 20th - 27th): Process Reflection Beta Release Cleanup Preparation for Varrock Script Progress Updates Week 1: Wednesday Update: Week 2: Sunday Update Week 2: Wednesday Update Week 3: Sunday Update Feature: Data Mining The script will be more advanced than anything else on the market, in terms of data. It will log everything. This data will be analyzed heavily to help detect why an account gets banned. Users will be able to view their own data, which may make it easier to make decisions in the future. They may notice that botting X skill is way more profitable than botting Y skill over Z time frame. Premium users have the option to opt out of data mining3. Future Pricing: The script will have a monthly cost associated per instance, probably $5 per instance. Additional areas/towns will be one-time costs (normally less than $25) and will be permanently added to all instances. There will be 3 hours of 'free-use' per month of the script, limited by Tribot account and IP address. Trying to abuse this system will result in a ban from ever using this script again. New areas will have a beta period of two weeks, in which time the cost will be 50%. If the beta area doesn't live up to your expectations, you will be able to receive a 100% refund, but will not receive any future discounts for the area (which means paying the full price). Future Feature: Account Handler The account handler will allow users to specify the RS account to use, the task to execute, and the time to run. · Account A | Task 1 | 0-11:59 · Account B | Task 2 | 12-17:59 · Account C | Task 1 |18-23:99 Future Feature: Remote Control Remote control will allow users to view the status, change tasks for accounts, and even interact with the game in real-time. This will be all accessible through a mobile friendly website or a well-designed controller launched from the Tribot client. Future Suggestions: If you have any suggestions for this script, shoot me a PM. I'm always open to new ideas and new methods1.
  12. Standard Tribot client? Any proxy? Download a gold generator recently?
  13. It's a lot easier for kids to learn via playing a video game than trying to read the world's most dry textbook. It's spark their interest and let them know what they need to learn. Why not make your own learning resource that'll grab interest that's not "the worst place to learn a programming language"?
  14. Might have some fun learning the very, very, very basics with this game: https://codecombat.com/ Edit: Oh, didn't see the Java requirement. Well, learning a new language (such as Java) is a lot easier if you already know a language or understand basic concepts.
  15. IPv6 has been around since freaking 1996. Older than this community. It's not new.