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  1. Could you have it withdraw multiple antifire pots or super extended antifire pots? It does like 5-6 trips for a iron drag task since it only takes 1 pot.
  2. redgiant

    BEG Poh Planks

    Working well now! Thanks bud!
  3. redgiant

    BEG Poh Planks

    Hey, Even when I click on teak logs, it tries using oaks. But other than that, working well with oak logs
  4. Hey, Does the script have ibans support? It deposits the fire and death runes when using ibans EDIT: NVM, set ibans to autocast and it works. Tip for anyone else having issues with ibans.
  5. When using a butler, it builds the items just fine. But when it needs to get more planks, it uses the planks on the butler, but when the prompt comes up to type in how many planks it wants, it just stands there doing nothing. Any help please?
  6. Is it possible to use anti venoms instead of antivenom + for ironmen? It would drink an antivenom whenever the venom splash reaches a certain hit. For example drink anti venom when venom hits a 10
  7. Trying to make molten glass at port phat. Gets stuck at Make all interface.
  8. Hi, Im trying to use my paypal to buy credits but it says the payment could not be processed because it thinks its fradulent. Ive made payments with the same paypal before. Im guessing its coming up with that error since im in a different country now and its detecting that as fradulent? Is there anyway i can pay for the credits with my old paypal?
  9. I have a bit of lag on my internet connection. Due to this, when the bot clicks create x, it types 28 very fast, and this results in the script not typing anything at all due to the lag. it tries to make logs again and does the same thing. Rarely does it be able to type 28 when there is less lag. could the delay be increased by a very little? If this is not possible, could i get a refund please? Due to my lag, I cannot use this script at all.
  10. Bought a VPS! How do i go on about setting it up to view in on my desktop? When i put the IP in tightvnc, it gives an error EDIT: Nvm, figured it out!
  11. If using Dharoks mode, would this script use, a rock cake + overloads to lower the hp to hit high?
  12. Ive been building a main as well. Its around total stats 1500 atm. Dont suicide a skill, do legit slayer/questing, and try to keep it mixed up. Train 2-3 skills everyday Working till now. no bans
  13. Yes, (3) is 3018 and (2) is 3020. dunno if thats what you need or not. Also after clicking on dark mage gotta click to continue the dialog box 3 times and all pouches in inv will be repaired.
  14. will test now. EDIT: Still withdraws a rod, equips, withdraws another, and tries equipping again, in an endless cycle. Also, i chose the "dont bank super energy pots", and it still banks 2 and 3 doses, and withdraws a full 4 dose super energy. Also doesnt repair the pouch. just kind of ignores the degraded pouch.
  15. how do you want me to make law runes then? run from draynor? Thats way too little money phr. Get about 1600-1700 with balloon method compared to 1k or less with daynor running.
  16. You could change it so that you have the rod in ure inv, rather than equipping it. would decrease 1 law rune per trip, but would work
  17. for the law rune running, could you please add the repair pouches by abyss method? Have it use only the theiving and agility methods to use the abyss, and repair pouches. It can even repair the pouches it has in the bank, so you dont even need to get the pouches into the abyss. Since the abyss running part of this script is so flawless, im hoping this could be added.
  18. was working great yesterday. Today it just seems to stop after withdrawing runes and filling pouches. [21:44:54] Script Started: Auto RuneCrafter Elite.[21:45:27] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0[21:45:27] at org.tribot.api2007.Walking.clickTileMM(lk:299)[21:45:27] at org.tribot.api2007.Walking.walkPath(lk:387)[21:45:27] at org.tribot.api2007.Walking.walkPath(lk:472)[21:45:27] at scripts.dk.a(AbyssCrafter.java:919)[21:45:27] at scripts.dk.C(AbyssCrafter.java:1193)[21:45:27] at scripts.RuneSelectionGUI.D(RuneSelectionGUI.java:526)[21:45:27] at scripts.RuneSelectionGUI.run(RuneSelectionGUI.java:473)[21:45:27] at scripts.MindCrafter.run(MindCrafter.java:75)[21:45:27] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[21:45:27] Script Ended: Auto RuneCrafter Elite.
  19. So i bought the script earlier today. Its been running great till now. There is one thing that I would like to suggest though, when it goes out to lure a fire giant and then comes back to safespot, it takes a good, 3-4 seconds to attack the fire giant. If possible, making that quicker is the only thing that could make this script even better than it is right now Thanks for amazing work on it. hope to get you some proggies soon.
  20. A question for Mute or anyone who knows the answer to it Im fairly new to the script, but, IF i were to use a primary two handed weapon such as a saradomin 2h sword, and were to get a blue dragon task which requires an anti dragon shield, how would the script react to that? Is there a way to have a different equipment setup for specific monsters?
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