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  1. Lol half assed plan, this plan is unique... LOL
  2. Want to impress the ladies, get fit or just want a new life style? i have the ultimate plan for working out and diet. it requires Discipline, Determination and Imagination of where you will be 16 weeks from start line, don't count the days, make the days count, this diet is not like any other. You will lose about 2 kilos a week which is the maximum you can lose at a healthy level The work out plan, is amazing, not only will you be better in bed, at work, and more sporty, but you will feel like a whole new person Trying this plan is a must!!! Link: https://sellfy.com/p/s1Ti/
  3. If you have a iphone (or alike that can download teamviewer) you can control your computer from your phone, you can type/chat stop/start your bot, change settings, change accounts, login manually, if it stops, basically start it again, even talk to others while botting to make it real. i use to use this but thought it would be helpful to others... download teamviewer (remote version) install the remote version, sign up, follow instructions, then download on your phone take a picture of your id and passcode to log into remote control from your phone, once app is downloaded, type in the code/pass and enjoy. comes in handy at work on break, holidays, basically anywhere away from home. you do need 3G internet or alike basically to connect. it is laggy, but better than nothing enjoy i hope you make botting easier, who ever thinks its a good idea, please spread it. CONTROL YOUR BOT TEAMVIEWER