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  1. Bot gets stuck at clan wars bank, deposits rune crossbow and won't take it back out (so range doesnt work) also there is no option to auto withdraw or drink an antivenom? After depositing crossbow, it takes out rest of inv as sharks and then just sits there trying to withdraw other items I think i figured out the crossbow thing - but I still see no option for venom potions like it shows in the vid..\ FIGURED IT OUT -- needed zulrah scrolls. fighting boss now, but doesn't switch prayers fast enough.. died twice out of the two times that I tried it, reaction speed is at highest.. using ahrims/karils.. EDIT: prayer switches are insanely slow. Getting hit for 35-40 every other phase.. fix? At one point it just stops praying altogether and lets zulrah kill it lmao
  2. Script is stuck "paying saniboch" over and over again to get into the dungeon, but once it says you hand him 875 coins it just continuously tries to pay him again instead of entering.
  3. So this script is obsolete? I ran it 25 times and every time it pickpocketed a guard once and then stood there "Dropping junk items" (coins) when coins were on the "Actual" loot list. Doesn't work at all.
  4. Thank you very much wussupwussup, sorry if I caused any trouble!
  5. Thanks for posting the format! Updated
  6. Link to script's thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21153-wbarrows152-instances-lifetime40hr-proggy-over-13-billion-earned/?hl=wbarrows Price you paid for script: $15 How many auths you bought: 1 Date purchased: not 100% sure the exact date, I believe around Oct. 2014 Proof you have that the owner isn't helping you, isn't updating, is not active, etc: wBarrows Milky783 Sent 09 March 2015 - 06:18 PM New Botter Registered N/A Positive Feedback 0 0 0 17 posts 0 warning points Wussup! I bought our wbarrows a while ago and it worked perfectly. I just started using it again and noticed some major flaws and was wondering if you could work them out for me... The bot seems to click super attack/str potions too fast, so that it only actually drinks one and seems to think it drank two. Also, the biggest flaw is that if the bot doesn't encounter the final barrows brother in the tunnel BEFORE going to the chest, it will automatically get the required kill count and then try to loot from the chest BEFORE killing the last brother, rendering that chest's loot worthless. Please let me know if you can fix this, it doesn't seem too hard and without it the script is not really worth the money anymore! All the best, Milky783 ___________________________ Participants wussupwussup Read: Not yet read Block Milky783 Read: Today, 01:49 AM Details of what exactly is wrong with the script, please supply any debugs or evidence you may have as well: a. the script clicks super potion too quickly, making it only drink one potion while thinking it drank both. b. the script will only kill the last barrows brother if it appear in the tunnels on the way to the chest, if it has to open the chest to find the barrows brother it will simply loot the chest and leave without killing the last brother (making the loot obsolete). I apologize for the rough format of the above correspondence between wussupwussup and I, I could not figure out how to upload a picture.. At this point I really just want a refund as I am fed up with trying to use the script and not having any customer support, please help me get a refund so I can purchase a better more up to date script!
  7. You do need to take into account that I ran it with no breaks, so I was probably asking for it. Also MF, would it be easy to script in something that makes the bot dismiss the randoms that appear instead of avoiding them?
  8. Awesome, I plan on using this script extensively so I will let you know if I see anything else. Keep up the great work! Edit: Would it be possible to add in a glory edgeville teleport option? I fiddled around with the item looter and figured out that where it says "Herb Name" it just means Item name, if you type in Mithril bolts as an item then the bot will loot that item, so just input "Uncut dragonstone" and it will loot dragonstones (Make sure the spelling is the exact same as you see in your inventory or on ground!)
  9. I don't have the debug with me but I noticed while running this that A) 5/5 accounts that I have run this on were perm banned within a day (mind you I ran them with no breaks, currently working on a proggy with breaks), If you set the world hop option to any amount of players it will just continuously hop at edgeville, and C) The bot messes up when deathwalking back from lumbridge and usually ends up just sitting in Al-Kharid near the mine there. Over all a very useful script; just a few kinks that I noticed!
  10. Nevermind I sorted it out, didn't realize it but my PC was auto capitalizing it from "Clue scroll (hard)" to "Clue Scroll (Hard)", time for a new PC! Sorry for the bother, great script it's running perfectly.
  11. I have seen the bot get a clue scroll and leave it on the ground. It was at abby specters and had 3 clues on ground at once and didn't pick up a single one.
  12. I am about to buy this script; however I haven't really merched before.. any suggestions on what to merch?
  13. I don't understand the looting, what do I type in to get it to loot a Clue scroll (hard) or Clue scroll (elite)?
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