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  1. @UsaI know this is too much to ask but is it okay to get partially refunded if I switch from the one auth purchase into the unlimited auths (14 days) purchase? I was fairly new to tribot so i did not know what instances meant , thinking I could run unlimited accounts. I still have 18 days of the 1auth purchase ( can send you transaction date if requested) but kinda regret not buying the 14 days unlimited auths version. Is it cool to get partially refunded? I'll even purchase it before you consider doing so. PLease respond thanks very much.
  2. Now that the tribot combat hooks are fixed, will there be a major difference in ban rates when it comes to botting combat? does taking breaks, not botting long hours, etc still apply?
  3. keeps clicking the poll when banking at edgeville, and doesn't know how to close it. but i got banned
  4. Is the owner ever gonna fix this script..? spent 20 bucks doesnt even work
  5. Currently broken after the runescape update @Usa please fix!
  6. The maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed. Stopping script (1). Message: 0 it's so annoying and happens every few mins when I run a certain script. This only happens when I run more than 2 clients of the same script. Is there anyw ay to fix this? No point having VIP extended when I have to restart the script every few mins
  7. In very rare instances i notice it would try to attack a player that is already in combat with a dragon. Not sure if it's part of the antiban or if it does this only when the other player is under combat but it seems kinda dangerous just saying, cuda easily been skulled with whip
  8. the maximum amount of instances for this script has been surpassed Whenever i try to run a script, this pops up. I just spent 15 bucks on it for 31 days , any idea how to fix it?
  9. Amazing script, however it doesnt drink combat potions and it always spams click dragons that are already in combat. implementing antifires would be nice too as it lowers food used /hour. Overall very nice script.
  10. what heap size should i put to run 4 bots? i ran 400 mb each on two clients, 2 bots each but the bots always eventually disconnects or the client turns into white screen. am i doing something wrong with the heap size? should i run 4 bots in one client or divide them into two clients? My computer has 8gb ram with i5 processor may i ask if adding more heap size results in less lag? or will adding too much heap size countereffect it and result in more dc;s as well? not sure what heap size even does
  11. can u fix the spam clicking on a npc thats already under combat.. waste of time when theres liek 10 other npcs around and got me banned
  12. I really like your proggies from the statistics. can you please let me know if you use abcl2 antiban?? and do you get ban often? you make new accs very often ? thanks so much
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