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  1. It gets stuck on this, i've done all the already recomended processes such as delete and redownload java, the client etc. But none of this has helped. Is the bot outdated or? any help would be appreciated. It was working yesterday afternoon, and then it started doing this last night and this morning.
  2. been stuck on 'getting latest client revision' for about 2 hours now. I've restarted the client around 15 times, deleted then redownloaded java, redownloaded client a few times.
  3. Almost most of them don't even work, why keep them in the repository if they do not even work...
  4. The bot wont load for me? Its stuck on 'Loading Params'
  5. Whenever i try to load the client, it just gets stuck on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks guys.