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  1. Simplify the following: Cosø cscø Solve for all values of ø where 0 < ø< 360: sinø + 6 = 7 Solve for all values of ø where 0 < ø< 360: 9tan Solve for all values of ø where 0 < ø< 360: + 9√3 = 0 In triangle ABC, what is "a" if m<A = 74, b = 18, and m<B = 68 to the nearest integer In triangle ABC, what is "a" if m<A = 95, b = 19 and c =14 to the nearest integer what is the exact value of cos-15? in right triangle ABC, a = 2, b = 21, and c = 29. what is cos2B in simplest form? what is the 736th term of the following sequence. 17,30, 43, 56 what is the 9th term of the following sequence in simplest form. 6, 1, 1/6 evaluate the following sum: 94 Σ 7x+2 x=9 (94 on top of the E, x=9 under the E, 7x+2 to the right of the E in triangle ABC, m<A = 96, m<B = 44, and b = 35. what is the area of the triangle to the nearest integer? in triangle ABC, a=40 and c=41, what is tan a/2 in simplest form? 13.what is the binomial expansion of (3x - 4)5? Just need the answers for all. thanks for the help
  2. 1. you couldn't spell irrelevant. 2. i OBVIOUSLY made a new paypal account 3. you're a fucking idiot, gtfo new kid
  3. because paypal locked my account with my bank account cause they found out i was only 17 lol. i dont know any other way of transfering money to my bank than bitcoin
  4. currently coinbase doesnt accept paypal so im looking for the next best site to buy bitcoin with paypal then transfer to my bank account
  5. if so, which are the best account builds? any insight is appreciated 9
  7. should i sell it all at once to somebody and risk the chargeback? or should i sell in parts and risk the ban of my account with gold on it?
  8. 1/1/1 fresh account -> 60/70/1 need to get monkey madness done before reaching 60 attack paying for: 25 agility monkey madness + tree gnome village + the grand tree 60/70/1 leveled legit, no botting give me a price in 07gp will use mm if youre not trusted add my skype: yeezus1029
  9. can a script be refunded within 24 hours of purchase?
  10. does this script currently sell items correctly? just advertising and selling it to people?
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