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  1. if you mean will they ban you for playing legit. it is possible, but very unlikely. I remember when the rank #1 was banned. but he had Autism and just loved the game. Eventually unbanned.
  2. Sure no problem, It does other weird things, I have caught it in gnome stronghold before saying its recharging the blowpipe lol.
  3. Great script bro but sometime if it dies it randomly runs north of lumbridge to the corner by cowpens then corrects itself runs back and continues the Debug just says running from pkers
  4. I've made 25m so far couple days of running 1 acc 4-6 hours it is quite RNG based tho haha
  5. The script ends everytime, unless I manually put sharks and the pots in inventory. it says missing item [shark, prayer potion] and sometimes just [] blank.
  6. very good script, just wondering if theres a reason it only does one chest before teleporting? is that more efficient?
  7. The status was antiban, and it had just died and ran out of blowpipe charges as the user above said.
  8. the script teled to clan wars then castle wars ran to the gnome battlefield and stopped?
  9. Dont think I've ever charged back tribot.. I've bought scripts...
  10. I've bought credits before but now I cant, Please assist :D.
  11. No, they don't say anything. it just clicks on other peoples npcs and then waits until they die and attacks another one, there are a few bots in this area and it's pretty clear who is real or not. My chat box is filled with the notification of an npc already being in combat.
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