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  1. I really appreciate you looking into it. I see you've looked into it and I guess i was wrong. I apologize for the bad claim I just assumed that was the case because I noticed I was getting more pay-dirt with both wheels functional. Guess it was all luck. It's not really an important addition but I feel as though it would look less like a bot if a hammer was kept in the invo is all. Just my personal opinion. Either way thank you for the response and thanks for looking into the wheel thing!
  2. I'm not really sure if its the script or a bug but I've restarted the client and bot several times but it seems to do the same thing. After an inventory is complete, it deposits the pay-dirt, then fixes only ONE of the wheels (the more western one closer to the deposit bin) then collects the pay-dirt. Was wondering if I'm the only one having this problem.If this is how the script runs, is there any way of implementing repairing both wheels before depositing the pay-dirt? Having both wheels working BEFORE depositing the pay-dirt maximizes profits and golden nugget gains. Also with the keep hammer option, is there anyway you can just have it keep the hammer in your inventory rather than bank it after every single load? Other than that everything else seems to be working great!