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  1. Good job on the list!
  2. I've been checking this script out for a few times now, and it seems it's not really working well for me. I'm smelting bronze bars, it doesn't pick them from the bank, it walks to the furnace but doesn't click on it, when you click manually it's like not doing anything at all. maybe i'm doing something wrong, but that's what it's been doing. if you need more info, tell me. it keeps miss clicking the furnace. I tried al kharid and falador and he's not clicking it. The falador location could use some work, because it's miss clicking outside the building.
  3. Looks good!
  4. This has to do that that RS3 uses a whole different kind of setting. it uses 512Mb, it uses openGL, so your graphic card should have that, and it uses a old version of java.
  5. What did you try? It seems it's not using Java to boot it up. Make sure you've downloaded the latest version of java on there site.
  6. Could you make a screenshot of your Tribot login screen?
  7. Looking good man! keep up the good work.
  8. You Need to contact the scripter for that.
  9. There is a firewall menu somewhere in the menu screens. Change it in theRe.
  10. you probably accedently denied something when the script was asking for it. Search for the firewall settings(there must be somewhere in the menu's) then check if there is something blocked, if so, then please remove it. Else, check your internet connection, if you're using a proxy, make sure it's fast enough.
  11. what is wrong with the so called magic "bots" ?
  12. A script issue, you need to contact the scripter. At the moment I can't open the Screenshot, could you explain me the error? Randoms are disabled, could you check for file>settings>disable randoms. Is it checked?
  13. What heap size are you using for each client? are you using tabs? what OS is your VPS? it seems like a connection error.
  14. This isn't possible because linux doesn't support OpenGL. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/ are there any instances open?
  15. @ there's a job waiting for ya . moved to the right section.