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  1. I have been scripting the last few days and it seems like Webwalking walks a little too frequently. I had it set up to walk inside of a fenced area (Edgeville yews) and it will click inside the fence, start walking one way, then click outside the fence, and walk the other way, then click inside and walk back, then out, etc. And it gets stuck walking back and forth for a while. I am not sure how the Webwalking method is coded, but I think adding or shrinking the distance to the next tile would help. For example: public float getDistanceToTile(){ distanceToTile = (float) Math.sqrt(Math.pow((tile.getX() - Player.getPosition().getX()), 2) + Math.pow((tile.getY() - Player.getPosition().getY()), 2)); return distanceToTile;} //walking methodif(nextTile.getDistanceToTile() < 2){ //then click on the next tile to walk to If this is how it is set up on the current WebWalking, the distance might be too big, so it picks a new tile when the player is like 6 tiles away or something. This can make for issues such as the one I described above.
  2. Machine Woodcutter is a semi AIO woodcutter. I will be adding in more locations, as well as custom user locations in a future update. If you have any suggestions please post them below, I will take all serious suggestions into consideration. I have tested all current locations for at least 30 minutes each, but that is all of the testing I did for some of them. If anyone needs help or is having issues running the script feel free to post below and I will get back to you asap! You can add the script to your collection by clicking here: https://tribot.org/repository/index.php/script/id/715 I would love to know if anyone has any suggestions for Antiban features to be added in, so please let me know if you do! To run the script: Current Features: To do list: Proggies:
  3. Machine cooker is a simple AIO cooker. This script will cook any single item at a supported location. If anyone gets any proggies please post them here so I can add them to the list! If the Things cooked, or Things burned counter is not working on the script, let me know and take a screen shot of the messages you receive while cooking that particular food so that I can fix it! Get the script by clicking here. To run the script: Current Features: To do list: Proggies:
  4. That is not anything that I added in. Its probably an auto talker on the client, check your settings on the client.
  5. Do not click on the link. This is a common way to phish usernames and passwords. If you click the link and enter your information you will have your accout stolen. The user should be banned and post removed.
  6. Do not click on the link. This is a common way to phish usernames and passwords. If you click the link and enter your information you will have your accout stolen. The user should be banned and post removed.
  7. Do not click on the link. This is a common way to phish usernames and passwords. If you click the link and enter your information you will have your accout stolen. The user should be banned and post removed.
  8. In order to run any free/VIP script for old school runescape you will need to purchase vip. You can also purchase a 2 day vip trial, or purchase a premium script and run that without being VIP. Let me know if you need help with anything else. @skautas
  9. You need to download and install the latest JDK for your machine. Afterwards make sure that you select the correct java on the opening screen for tribot. @Metaldragon
  10. TBT, you should back track that ip address used on the skype and cross check it with users ip addresses on tribot in the acp. See if you can find who did it and ban them.
  11. Mat explained the basis of it. When the bot nuke happened, jagex offered a job to anyone who got a functional bot back up within a few days (like 10 days or so). Jacmob got it back up in a few days and then proceeded to get a job at jagex. He was the owner of rsbuddy, which is now basically a rs fan site I think. The bot nuke was basically a mix up of hierarchy in the runescape game code. There were others who could have got a working bot client up, but jagex was threatening to sue anyone who attempted to release a functional bot client, which is what actually caused the 6-8 month delay in bots coming back up after the nuke. The nuke itself was not the main problem, the threats to sue were more of an issue. @hollowgram
  12. Right, oops I forgot to mention that.
  13. Yes you will need to purchase VIP in order to run any scripts for old school runescape.
  14. You probably added the wrong .jar. Did you add the .jar that you downloaded as a dependency? Watch this tutorial video 1, it explains how to set up the correct dependencies. You need the tribot.jar that is in your Appdata folder. Look here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23701-videos-how-to-make-tribot-scripts-covers-everything-you-need-to-know-to-get-started/ Let me know if you still need help. @khaleesi
  15. You should be able to manually get the ids and write them down, then when you go and make a trade you will be able to visually decode what herbs are there. Just enable on client debugging where you can view inventory items, and write down the IDS of the herbs that you have and what they are. Then when you trade view the trade screen with item ids enabled and you can tell what herbs are there. I am not home so I cant look at what options you need to turn on, but you can figure it out. @Qrgy
  16. To use old school scripts you must purchase VIP or VIP extended. If you are trying to use f2p old school runescape, you need to make a new account. You cant log on to f2p worlds using an account that was created before the release of f2p oldschool runescape. Let me know if you have any more questions. @Toony1790
  17. I have already added that in to my new version. I just need to get time to add one more thing and then update the script on the repository. On monday I will push a new update including that I promise. @mspain
  18. Jagex will do delayed bans alot of the time. This basically means that you were caught a while ago, probably the last time that you were botting. Once they decided to ban you, instead of banning you at that moment, they just have it where you get banned on your next login. This doesn't mean that you got banned for simply logging in, it means you got a delayed ban. @simo45
  19. You may want to make that a smaller range than 20. 20 tiles is pretty far away, you could be a good clip from a bank at 20 tiles. If I were you I would just use areas to determine if you are in a bank, but thats just the way I like to do it. Obviously you need to check if the bank booth is there also. @Zallen93
  20. In order to run VIP/free scripts you will need to purchase VIP or VIP extended. You can however purchase a premium script and run it without being VIP. @dayner666
  21. Is it possible for Jagex to detect if you are using a bot client? Yes Does Jagex actually implement anything to check for this? Probably not Just use the web browser or the client provided by Jagex if you are wanting to play runescape legit. Better safe than sorry. @couchie97
  22. When you can see the mouse, that is the default action. If you cant see the mouse, that means that the script, or the client has disabled mouse rendering. It will look no different to jagex, it only looks different to you. All that this means is that the mouse is not being painted to the screen for you to see. A similar concept is minimizing something. Say that you minimize the bot client, the bot is still running even though you cant see it. This doesnt mean that it isn't still there. @Snowbear
  23. If you can get some details on the error in my script please message me. If you can get a screen shot of exactly where the bug occurs and what it does I can fix it. @mrenvious
  24. Care to explain a little more? What do you even mean by bank alignment? What exactly is the problem that you are experiencing? @mrenvious
  25. If you log in inside of the mine the portal loads correctly, but once you leave and come back into the mine, it is null. Not sure if you already knew this, but I just noticed it. I still cry every time. t.t Thanks for the update though. @TRiLeZ