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  1. TheMachine

    Scripting help - Stuck

    Right, oops I forgot to mention that.
  2. TheMachine

    Scripting help - Stuck

    Yes you will need to purchase VIP in order to run any scripts for old school runescape.
  3. TheMachine

    Scripting help - Stuck

    You probably added the wrong .jar. Did you add the .jar that you downloaded as a dependency? Watch this tutorial video 1, it explains how to set up the correct dependencies. You need the tribot.jar that is in your Appdata folder. Look here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23701-videos-how-to-make-tribot-scripts-covers-everything-you-need-to-know-to-get-started/ Let me know if you still need help. @khaleesi
  4. TheMachine

    Best way to determine if character is at the bank

    You may want to make that a smaller range than 20. 20 tiles is pretty far away, you could be a good clip from a bank at 20 tiles. If I were you I would just use areas to determine if you are in a bank, but thats just the way I like to do it. Obviously you need to check if the bank booth is there also. @Zallen93
  5. TheMachine

    TRiBot Release 9.131_0

    If you log in inside of the mine the portal loads correctly, but once you leave and come back into the mine, it is null. Not sure if you already knew this, but I just noticed it. I still cry every time. t.t Thanks for the update though. @TRiLeZ
  6. TheMachine

    Hover() method for each skill

    I agree. It would be nice to have this option.
  7. TheMachine

    TRiBot Release 9.130_0

    @TRiLeZ I cry everytime. t.t
  8. TheMachine

    Ending a script.

    while(mainBoolean){ while(otherBoolean && mainBoolean){ } while(someOtherBoolean && mainBoolean){ } } Then if you change mainBoolean to false it will kill all of them. Why dont you just do that?
  9. TheMachine

    Ending a script.

    So why not kill the loop that you are trying to stop? I am not sure I understand what you are doing, you can still just kill the main loop by setting the boolean to false.
  10. TheMachine

    Ending a script.

    Why not use the while(boolean) method so it will kill itself naturally?
  11. TheMachine

    Posting source and maintaining it

    Use github via intellij. When you go to commit your files just deselect that ones that you dont want to be posted on github. Its that simple.
  12. TheMachine

    How do i?

    For checking if you have an axe, you can just do this implement MessageListening07, and add in the missing methods then use the serverMessageReceived method to check for the message below public class MachineWoodCutter extends Script implements Painting, MessageListening07 { //other code here} @Override public void serverMessageReceived(String s) { if(s.contains("You get some")){ logsCut++; } if(s.contains("You do not have an axe")){ println("You do not have an axe to chop with. Stopping the script."); this.runScript = false; } }If you do this, it will stop the script if for any reason you are unable to chop a tree, including if your axe beaks or you don't have one in your inventory. So it kills 2 birds with one stone. There are of course many other ways to do it, but this one is simple. @daoudwis
  13. TheMachine

    A premium cooking script

    Why not just buy vip, its 6.50.
  14. Ohh lmao. I was confused. xD
  15. private boolean isMoving(RSPlayer p){ final RSTile tmp = p.getAnimablePosition(); If p is null, then you cant use p.getAnimablePosition(). Why would you remove that null check.
  16. TheMachine

    Problems dropping ore

    Make it print like this while (true) { println(Backpack.getAll().length); }And try putting some items in your bag and see if it prints the correct amount of items. It should be as long as the amount of items you have in your bag. If it keeps printing 0 even when you have items in your bag, the method is most likely broken.
  17. TheMachine

    Problems dropping ore

    if (Backpack.isFull()) { General.println("bag is full"); Backpack.drop(copperItem); } change that to if (Backpack.getAll().length == 28 ) { General.println("bag is full"); } and see if it prints when you have 28 items in your bag. (Or whatever a full bag is in RS3 )
  18. TheMachine

    rogue's den cooker

    Well I started making this a few days ago. I was going to release it anyway.
  19. TheMachine

    rogue's den cooker

    Small proggie. I will release this tomorrow when I am able to get a bigger proggie for it, it runs flawless so far. It also supports Catherby cooking range. You can cook any single food item with it.
  20. TheMachine

    TRiBot Middle Man, Re-release!

    I hope to see some Middleman ranks soon!
  21. TheMachine

    How to get scripts runtime?

    Not sure if there is something in the API or not but it takes only a few minutes to make a custom class to keep the runtime. Just use currentTime - startTime and format it how you like.
  22. TheMachine

    Tribot Scripts Not Working?

    That first line is why. Array out of bounds exception, that probably is crashing the client/script. The client is trying to access something outside of the array size, probably tiles for a path or something. Just wait for the client to update.
  23. TheMachine


    Why is this not an API method? Does anyone have a good method for doing this? Inventory.useItemOn(String inventoryItemName, RSObject objectToBeUsedOn, String menuOptionToSelect); Clicks an item in the inventory whose name matches inventoryItemName (if it contains the item) and clicking on the object specified by objectToBeUsedOn(if the object is not null) and then uses the option specified by menuOptionToSelect. Seems like this is something that shold be in the api to me.
  24. TheMachine


    Ahh ok this is what I was looking for: Game.getSelectedItemName(); I just started scripting for TRi like a week ago, so I am still trying to learn the API. Sorry I was not trying to sound like a jerk before, I just wasnt sure how to get the item that is selected to write my own. Thanks for the input guys.
  25. TheMachine


    And if more methods were added to the API everything would be more uniform.