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  1. TBT, you should back track that ip address used on the skype and cross check it with users ip addresses on tribot in the acp. See if you can find who did it and ban them.
  2. Mat explained the basis of it. When the bot nuke happened, jagex offered a job to anyone who got a functional bot back up within a few days (like 10 days or so). Jacmob got it back up in a few days and then proceeded to get a job at jagex. He was the owner of rsbuddy, which is now basically a rs fan site I think. The bot nuke was basically a mix up of hierarchy in the runescape game code. There were others who could have got a working bot client up, but jagex was threatening to sue anyone who attempted to release a functional bot client, which is what actually caused the 6-8 month delay in bots coming back up after the nuke. The nuke itself was not the main problem, the threats to sue were more of an issue. @hollowgram
  3. Right, oops I forgot to mention that.
  4. Yes you will need to purchase VIP in order to run any scripts for old school runescape.
  5. You probably added the wrong .jar. Did you add the .jar that you downloaded as a dependency? Watch this tutorial video 1, it explains how to set up the correct dependencies. You need the tribot.jar that is in your Appdata folder. Look here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/23701-videos-how-to-make-tribot-scripts-covers-everything-you-need-to-know-to-get-started/ Let me know if you still need help. @khaleesi
  6. You should be able to manually get the ids and write them down, then when you go and make a trade you will be able to visually decode what herbs are there. Just enable on client debugging where you can view inventory items, and write down the IDS of the herbs that you have and what they are. Then when you trade view the trade screen with item ids enabled and you can tell what herbs are there. I am not home so I cant look at what options you need to turn on, but you can figure it out. @Qrgy
  7. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! I hope that you can find some time to visit every now and then. Good luck with the baby, I hope it is a great experience for you both!
  8. You may want to make that a smaller range than 20. 20 tiles is pretty far away, you could be a good clip from a bank at 20 tiles. If I were you I would just use areas to determine if you are in a bank, but thats just the way I like to do it. Obviously you need to check if the bank booth is there also. @Zallen93
  9. If you log in inside of the mine the portal loads correctly, but once you leave and come back into the mine, it is null. Not sure if you already knew this, but I just noticed it. I still cry every time. t.t Thanks for the update though. @TRiLeZ
  10. If you feel that a script should be taken down, report the script so that staff can know about it. I doubt that the staff members use many, if any of the scripts that they do not write themselves. So they would have no idea that they are broken and do not work. Making a report would be constructive and make progress, making a general post saying "Almost most of them don't even work, why keep them in the repository if they do not even work..." does nothing, and gets nowhere. You didn't even take the effort to state if you are referring to RS3, or OSRS scripts. You cant take the time to write more than one line complaining about broken scripts, but you expect scriptwriters to take the time to develop flawless scripts for you to use.
  11. I agree. It would be nice to have this option.
  12. @TRiLeZ I cry everytime. t.t
  13. Yes, you can purchase credits via paypal however, you may not use paypal to purchase VIP. If you want to use an alternate method to purchase credits you will need to find a member selling credits.
  14. Welcome to TRiBot. If you ever need assistance with anything feel free to message me any time.
  15. Go here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html Click on Accept License Agreement on the top box, and then select the download for the jdk that you need for your operating system. Install it and make sure when you start the tribot client that you select the correct java on tribot startup.
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