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  1. When I start the script, load my setting, click start, I get an 'Error connecting to Anti-Captcha', yet when I go on anti-captcha I can see the captchas being done, yet the script isnt creating accounts.. also why is the script using my actual IP and not the proxy I have provided?
  2. cant run the script anymore, was working fine last night but now it causes the client to lag so bad that it cant even cut a bow.
  3. fix this.. all default settings, set to lumbridge east - copper and tin. constantly does this, inbetween every single action, click rocks, moves mouse over to left, right clicks, does next action, etc.
  4. strange how i just received my credits.. maybe you placed it into your reserves ?
  5. The payment was authorized, and the money has been sent, still no credits.
  6. paid for 5 credits using paypal almost 5 hours ago, still no credits...
  7. RS 3 -> 07 / 07 -> RS 3 : RS 3 -> 07 Amount you want to swap : 20m How did you contact me (Skype/Live chat) : Skype
  8. I've tried varrock west/east, ge, yanille, and a few others, happens in all of them. Tried a trial version of a different fletching script, it worked perfectly, plus pulled an extra 400 strings per/hour...
  9. When the script is in the middle of fletching an inventory it randomly moves from one bank booth to another, or from one side of the ge bankers to the other, thus stopping the current inventory of fletching... happens nearly every inventory.
  10. I'm not quite sure how to implement it into my code, though I'll have a look at it! Thanks for your help! EDIT: private ItemFarmerState getState() { if(!checkInventoryItem()){ if(checkInventoryFood()){ if(!pickupLoot()){ if(atFarmSpot()){ return ItemFarmerState.FARM_ITEM; } else { return ItemFarmerState.BANK_TO_FARM_SPOT; } } else { return ItemFarmerState.PICKUP_ITEM; } } else { if(atFarmSpot()){ return ItemFarmerState.FARM_SPOT_TO_BANK; } else { return ItemFarmerState.DO_BANK; } } } else { return ItemFarmerState.DO_ITEM_TASK; } } Sorry for the first post! Hopefully I can clear things up. This is the loop my script will be running, what I need help with is the DO_ITEM_TASK state. The checkInventoryItem() method will return a false when i do not have one of the specific itemIDs in my inventory, but, when one of these items are picked up it will return true, and go to the DO_ITEM_TASK state. This state will handle checking the itemID of the new item, and then it will complete the task for that specified item, for example it will go to the bank and then teleport somewhere. This is what i was thinking of using, but it isn't exactly efficient.. private boolean checkInventoryItem() { RSItem[] item = Inventory.find("itemName"); return item != null && item.length > 0; } if this returns true it will then do this method: private boolean doItemTask() { if(Inventory.find(ITEM_1) != null){ println("We have item 1"); doItemOneTask(); } else if(Inventory.find(ITEM_2) != null) { println("We have item 2"); doItemTwoTask(); } return false; }
  11. hey, so lets says i have "100" Item ID's all saved as ints, and my script picks up one of these items, how can i let the script know which item it has picked up, so that it does another method depending on which one of these "100" items. Meaning each item ID has a different task to be complete. For example, int item1 = 10;int item2 = 20;int item3 = 30;int item4 = 40;int item5 = 50;public boolean item1(){//(code for item1)return true;}public boolean item2(){//(code for item2)return true;}public boolean item3(){//(code for item 3)return true;}public boolean item4(){//(code for item 4)return true;}public boolean item5(){//(code for item 5)return true;}The script is killing monsters, The monster drops item4, The script picks up item4, but, now that I have picked up item4 I want to call the method specified for item4. Sorry if this doesn't make sense.. its 6am. Thanks in advance, Jason.
  12. i'll get them fixed tonight sometime, thanks for the feedback, oh and, does it count other items ?
  13. Oh... I thought it already right clicked on the anvil if people were in-front of it, well when i made it I made sure it did this, as I came across this problem when I was testing it at the time. I will edit the code, and maybe you could add me on Skype to tell me if it's working or not, as I do not have an account to test on at the minute. Skype: jason3460
  14. Waterfall Quest: Gets stuck outside tomb, just stands there and doesn't use the pebble with the tomb. Manually used pebble with tomb, and the script continued from the inside of the tomb.
  15. Just bought this script and I'm getting memory leaks after 30mins of running, doesn't do this with other scripts. EDIT: just realised the script would sometimes walk to the other side of the fences at seers yew spot, extremely bot-like, although i have realised that from changing my accounts to this script from a different premium woodcutter, i haven't been being put into the bot worlds
  16. The new AI AntiBan picks the health in which the script eats food, this could cause problems...
  17. Thanks everyone, I think my script is now running flawless, well up to my standards for now. This thread can be closed.
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