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  1. Hey - I'd recommend exploring some different proxies - ideally ones that aren't used for botting super commonly as they're probably recycled and flagged already. There's also websites you can use to check the suspicion level of your IP which should help
  2. Request: Requesting someone to create a relatively simple shop script, with some added features as per below Description: The script will need to get traded from a mule, move to a specific location, and do shopping. It will need reliable antiban, as well as some additional features I'll disclose only to the scripters. Payment Amount: up to several hundred - will depend on extent of support guarantee etc. Time: sooner is better - willing to pay more for timeliness Please either post on this thread or PM me to discuss further. If I am satisfied with the script, there will be opportunities for additional paid scripts to be written. Thanks!
  3. Hey @Druid, are you able to implement account creation (presumably using a Captcha key) into private scripts?
  4. Would you be able to do pest control in the novice lander without using combat? Thus, it would require repairing barriers. I have logs banked to use. Please let me know if this is a service you could provide, and if so, I'll proceed with contacting through the site. Thanks:)
  5. Service Needed - Pest Control -> Barrier repair only, Novice landerYour Skype- will discuss via pm if this goes forwardHave you added my skype (live:teamtrustaio) - noAre you willing to go first- yes Do you Agree to the TOS - yes Any Notes - wondering if you are willing/able to do PC without combat, and pricing per point earned If you could, please pm me in relation to this
  6. Service being provided by Tanged:)
  7. Sorry for the double-post, but I had another question for you @Usa. With the use of a servant, do you have intentions to implement a system where it would call the servant with like 5 clay left in your inventory so that you don't waste time waiting? I guess this would need to be around 5 left for butler and 3 left for demon butler? Not a big deal, but it would improve your tabs/hr
  8. I worded it poorly, I meant more just that they actually are putting an effort into lurking sites, as you said.
  9. threads like these make me wonder if Jagex has infiltrated somehow. This is basically "tell me what we need to look for in our bot software to ban the most basic bullshit"
  10. Hey @erickho123, my apologies if this has been answered above somewhere. I was wondering if this script would support multiple shop travel? So, for instance, within a relatively short walk, there are 3 varieties of shop I'd like to hit in each world. Is this something that the script can do? Or can it only take one variety of shop at once? EG. Only rune shops, or rune shops + clothing shops?
  11. Hey @godspower33, just went to use the script and noticed a bit of an issue. Set the pineapple option to false, and then entered 319 for topping ID. Script withdrew the supplies, then deposited because it didn't have any pineapples. Debug wouldn't be much help, just said that we were out of pineapples.
  12. Thanks @Druid, if you don't mind quoting me or commenting my name back when it's done that would be brilliant gotta keep my siggy increasing, looks a bit too weak currently to actually be displayed .
  13. My suggestion: DON'T. This sounds like an account you don't want to risk. Jagex has been going pretty hard lately as far as I can tell, so I'd just generally avoid a risk-heavy account like this.
  14. as mentioned above, the update messed with the script and now any sort of fletching logs doesn't work. look forward to the fix
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