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  1. i might release the private one i wrote back in summer as i dont goldfarm anymore
  2. Am I missing something? Why is his script still allowed to advertise the 0% ban rate?
  3. You'll just have to wait for Trilez to come online. He should be able to tell you exactly what went wrong.
  4. Coinbase IPN is nearly instant upon receiving the bitcoins every time I've sent BTC. Edit: Chances are, you probably didn't send the exact amount of BTC, each transaction there is a very small fee, you may of forgot to cover the transaction fee as well.
  5. Status: Offline until TRiBot updates.
  6. 1m per credit pm me ur skype =] edit: dont need
  7. I can do it for you if you want.
  8. made one when i actively gold farmed and it did work
  9. guys im a girl btw
  10. how is this relevant to the discussion at hand lol
  11. OP: im not trying to take sides, but you should of really considered to go about this in a different manner.
  12. so, from what i've gained out of these two posts is your trying to rebel against the admin? and your method of doing that is: 1. taking down your public scripts that were contributed for the community 2. making a public post in which all members of the community can see that consists of you calling out an admin of the community? not to mention how unprofessional this is, you have been trying to PROVE YOURSELF to the community... and now you're magically going to think your fit to become a script writer after instigating this drama within the community? lol bro . . .
  13. in my opinion, if you truly cared about the COMMUNITY aspect, you wouldn't remove your scripts because of your hatred for an admin. you're being a child and affecting people who have no affiliation with USA. at this point, you're sorta just taking steps backwards. no script writer would make this thread calling out an admin lol