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  1. sudo_

    [Premium Request] - White Berries -

    i might release the private one i wrote back in summer as i dont goldfarm anymore
  2. sudo_

    Purchased credits through Bitcoin.

    You'll just have to wait for Trilez to come online. He should be able to tell you exactly what went wrong.
  3. sudo_

    Purchased credits through Bitcoin.

    Coinbase IPN is nearly instant upon receiving the bitcoins every time I've sent BTC. Edit: Chances are, you probably didn't send the exact amount of BTC, each transaction there is a very small fee, you may of forgot to cover the transaction fee as well.
  4. sudo_

    White berries script?

    made one when i actively gold farmed and it did work
  5. sudo_

    update always on thursday

  6. sudo_

    [P][I] Castle Wars Booster Script

    disable the cloudflare i'm under attack on your subdomain
  7. sudo_

    [P][I] Castle Wars Booster Script

    aite it done A F
  8. sudo_

    [P][I] Castle Wars Booster Script

    ill make one
  9. @Usa Do you think you could implement a feature where it writes each created account to a file in user:pass format?
  10. sudo_

    WebWalking & Dying

    oops thanks bro ..
  11. sudo_

    GrandExchange buying and selling

    i haven't actually used or actually went through the ge methods on tribot as i haven't really needed to do anything with it yet, but it seems like it would work? go try it out