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  1. Hey guys Bot works fairly well but I feel like it can greatly improve. I usually train at Yaks and with other combat bots i was getting really close to 70k an hour without 100% potion up-time. On this bot i only get around 60k fully potted 100% of the time. Are there settings I am missing that are keeping me from getting the exp I am expecting or is the bot just slower than others? I notice it miss clicking and pausing when try to switch from yak to yak. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks SKBD
  2. Caught a perma today running Cosmics. Ran for roughly 2.5 hours while babysitting it.. manually checking my XP and friends list occasionally.. Have another friend who literally ran it 1-60 no problems 5+ hours a day still hasn't been touched.. random is random I guess..
  3. SKBD


    yeah thanks for the replies. I was just making sure an update didnt come out today or something. i always babysit/talk to people while i bot just wanted to make sure the client wasnt detectable or something.
  4. SKBD


    How is everyone bot running? i heard of a high amount of people being banned today using this client? Just want to check the rumor before i continue the use of the the client and its wonderful scripts. thanks SKBD
  5. Ran it over night last night and woke up to a broken axe.. Ran it while at work today and came home to the same thing.. Really good bot overall other than that though thank you for your continued work on it hope a fix is released soon.
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