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  1. I'm having the same issue. Script hasn't been updated since banking update last week.
  2. Hey, is anyone having trouble with looking glass? Currently I am getting just a black screen. (note: this is not a 32bit issue or installation issue). After Jagex updated earlier this week, I have not been able to get looking glass to work. Has anyone got LG to work? Thanks in advance
  3. no more than 6hours in a row. and make sure your xp gains arent only mining
  4. Hey everyone. I'm currently working on my second 99 mining account with this bot. its great! I always use motherlode mine and Im curious to know if anyone is using this bot for the Quarry in the desert. With the full mining set and a decent mining level, the quarry is really good XP. If you use the Quarry, share your experiences so far?
  5. hello, I'm curious to know how people are doing with looking glass? I've had several accounts banned prior to using looking glass. Within the past 3 months I started using Looking glass and now I bot roughly 8-12hours per day with rarely taking breaks. I just do not truly give a shit about RS so i bot like an idiot. I've came to a conclusion, the looking glass mode actually does make you invisible to Jagex's bot busting technology. Unless I'm just sliding through the fingers and getting lucky?
  6. once I turned off ABC 10, I was getting 48k/hr xp and roughly 300k-325k per hour including gem bags. so over all -- roughly 75m
  7. @Aropupu Thank you very much for this script. I just achieved 99 mining after a long 2 months. For anyone who is wondering, this is how I did it. 1) YOU HAVE TO USE MIRROR MODE. Period. 2) Before running the script, check this forums site and see if anyone is having issues and how aropupu is addressing it. If there is an issue, wait until you have an affirmative answer to whether or not the script is working correctly. (or use your alt, I bot my main tho) 3) Inconsistency -- humans are not clockwork when it comes to RS. we do not play RS for exactly 4 hours to the second. It is important to space things out accordingly. Some days I would bot 9-10hours, some days I would not bot at all. But most commonly, I bot from 11:30am-5:30pm eastern time. Occasionally, I would bot at night 11:30pm-1:30am because of bad sleeping habits. 4) You're XP gains should be in a variety of skills, not just mining. 5) Do mother load mining. The pet drop is weak who cares about the pet. Mining granite and iron is very risky. 6) Turn off ABC10 for better mining xp. At around lvl 80 I noticed my xp/hr was horrible. So, i turned it off and my xp gains when from 25k/hr to 48k/hr Follow those steps and you should have good luck
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