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  1. Got banned after 3 hours 1-99 progressive. Sadly. Shift dropping doesn't work. It does move like a bot in this stage.
  2. When having the option Shift Dropping on. It skips some spots in the inventory and then stops dropping. EDIT : When stopping the script it still shows the script and TriBot doesnt close it. Need to restart the loader. EDIT 2 : Looping ''Dropping junk'' https://gyazo.com/aba4fdcf89c5c36291f5a330dff12e6e
  3. Yes. had to bots open with the same options. Still Draynor doesnt work
  4. Chozx

    Bot doesn't do anything

    There are no premium rs3 scripts
  5. Chozx

    Bot doesn't do anything

    Do you have any suggestions for scripts who are up to date?
  6. Chozx

    Bot doesn't do anything

    Hi guys! I just started to bot again and ive downloaded tribot again. When i start the bot it will ask where to woodcut etc. but i dont see a ui or movement. What can this be? Greetings