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  1. ohParadox

    VIP purchase

    Reload the client.
  2. ohParadox

    Netami's Private Script Shop

    Hey man, Netami is sleeping at the moment. Join his Discord server here and I'm sure he'll reply within a few hours when he wakes up. Best of luck!
  3. ohParadox

    Fletching script

  4. ohParadox

    mbuyer help??

    mBuyer hasn't been updated in almost 8 months. I recommend giving ExShopper a shot, use the free trial to see if it works for you. You can activate a trial here.
  5. ohParadox

    How can i chage my name?

    @Todd @Usa @TRiLeZ
  6. ohParadox

    How can i chage my name?

    Only administration can help you here. Mods are not able to change your name.
  7. ohParadox

    max clients?

    I can also vouch for Virtual Buddy, that's where I get my proxies. You can order here.
  8. ohParadox

    [ P ] Wine Grabber $20 payment

    For a private script, you'll need to pay more than $20.
  9. ohParadox

    Need private script

  10. ohParadox

    How do I use Proxies?

    Don't use free proxies. I would recommend giving Virtual Buddy a try, that's where I get my proxies. You can find them here.
  11. ohParadox

    [P] Private Essence Runner

    You can find it here. It's $14.99 for unlimited instances for one month. I would ask Erick if it for sure can handle everything you're wanting it to do.
  12. ohParadox

    [P] Private Essence Runner

    Why not just use ExRunecrafter? It's capable of handling this.
  13. ohParadox

    Free Mlm Script?

    I don't believe there is. You should consider buying aMiner though, one of the better scripts on TRiBot in my opinion.
  14. ohParadox


    Deleting hooks.dat worked for me.
  15. ohParadox

    TRiBot Bot Control Panel

    Bot panel is broken and has been for quite some time.
  16. ohParadox

    How to add Breaks

  17. ohParadox

    TRiBot Release 9.303_0

    Restart TRiBot, update was pushed.
  18. ohParadox

    nature altar runecrafter with ge support

    This script would cost more than 350m.
  19. Try restarting your computer and waiting 30 minutes.
  20. https://tribot.org/repository/user_panel/instance_manager/