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  1. World hopping is fixed, thanks There was another issue I had a few weeks ago when opening the door to the mage's guild going in and out, then clicked towards the bank but clicked the door again and got stuck there.
  2. the latest update as in you just updated it now, or the one from yesterday. Those errors were from the same time that I posted that reply of the debug, and I wasn't rerunning the script
  3. The script stops every time it hops worlds, so it works for one world then the script stops
  4. This script work pretty damn well as of July 3 2016. I have used it for 4 hours straight on 3 accounts at the same time and the only issue I have seen is that it sometimes gets stuck at the Lumbridge Cows when the gate is closed, you have to wait till the gate is opened by another player or manually open the gate. It will keep clicking to pickup cowhides until the gate is open and it can reach the hides. Also the paint breaks after about 2.5 hours or 600-800 hides but the timer still works. I give this script a solid 8.5/10
  5. No, he hasn't been online for 9 days.
  6. lol, i knew i couldnt have been the only one
  7. I like how its all mods or scripters that have posted here so far
  8. Having troubles being online at the same time. Still working on it.
  9. it seems like you dont read previous posts. This account was hacked. Im arranging to refund Mako atm.
  10. You obviously dont go back and read what you posted on previously
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