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  1. I really love this script! Been running for 5 hours straight without any problems now. Thanks so much for sharing this Just a note though, as I usually 2-hit the monks a LOT of time gets lost with the 'Antiban Delay'. I understand this is needed and helps to keep your account safe, but could we set the timerange ourselves? My account now kills monks in ~6 seconds, but very often waits 10 seconds for the antiban. Shortening this would possibly speed up the progress by 150-200%. Is this something you could implement? Thanks in advance! - David
  2. imdavid

    Looking for private script

    Hello there, I'm looking for a private script, the script needs to be able to interact with GE and have very good anti-ban. I have around 30M(65$) OSRS to spend. If you can do it, please add me on skype: david_llogo I will be asking you to PM me on TriBot forums just to be sure
  3. Hey there, I'm looking for 2 private scripts to be made for me. Paying up to 50M OSRS (equals 110$) for both of them. Add me on Skype; david_llogo
  4. Hello there, Just bought this bot and gotta love it! The range pots seem to work for me, it only sips when my lvl reaches the set-up level. Something I would like to see is the special attack option for msb, I use rune c-bow with bolts for normal attack but I would like to use msb with rune arrows for special attack. It should equip msb + rune arrows for special, then return to mith bolts + rune c-bow. It would ofcourse also need to pick up these arrows. And another thing is a safety-tab, I like to wear an archer ring but would lose it if I die. I've seen my pure close to dieing when the safespot failed multiple times in a row, it ran out of food and escaped, but almost died. I would like to see a safety tab, so that if the acc has under x HP the bot would tab out! This way I wouldn't feel scared using my ranger boots Adios
  5. Hey all, I'm running a script, and was looking if it would be possible to over-run it. I know there's these commands, but to be completely honest I wouldn't know what they are xD So what I want is just running my script, then after 'x' time, or possibly when a certain item in the bank runs low pause the script, then interact with the GE, bank these items, and start running again Would this be possible?