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  1. I really love this script! Been running for 5 hours straight without any problems now. Thanks so much for sharing this Just a note though, as I usually 2-hit the monks a LOT of time gets lost with the 'Antiban Delay'. I understand this is needed and helps to keep your account safe, but could we set the timerange ourselves? My account now kills monks in ~6 seconds, but very often waits 10 seconds for the antiban. Shortening this would possibly speed up the progress by 150-200%. Is this something you could implement? Thanks in advance! - David
  2. Hello there, I'm looking for a private script, the script needs to be able to interact with GE and have very good anti-ban. I have around 30M(65$) OSRS to spend. If you can do it, please add me on skype: david_llogo I will be asking you to PM me on TriBot forums just to be sure
  3. Hey there, I'm looking for 2 private scripts to be made for me. Paying up to 50M OSRS (equals 110$) for both of them. Add me on Skype; david_llogo
  4. Hello there, Just bought this bot and gotta love it! The range pots seem to work for me, it only sips when my lvl reaches the set-up level. Something I would like to see is the special attack option for msb, I use rune c-bow with bolts for normal attack but I would like to use msb with rune arrows for special attack. It should equip msb + rune arrows for special, then return to mith bolts + rune c-bow. It would ofcourse also need to pick up these arrows. And another thing is a safety-tab, I like to wear an archer ring but would lose it if I die. I've seen my pure close to dieing when the safespot failed multiple times in a row, it ran out of food and escaped, but almost died. I would like to see a safety tab, so that if the acc has under x HP the bot would tab out! This way I wouldn't feel scared using my ranger boots Adios
  5. Hey all, I'm running a script, and was looking if it would be possible to over-run it. I know there's these commands, but to be completely honest I wouldn't know what they are xD So what I want is just running my script, then after 'x' time, or possibly when a certain item in the bank runs low pause the script, then interact with the GE, bank these items, and start running again Would this be possible?
  6. How many credits are you buying: 16 Have you added me on skype?: no Are you paying with 07 or Rs3 gp?: 07
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