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  1. I'd like to also add that if anyone is having trouble with the butler - I recommend manually requesting to fetch more planks BEFORE YOU START THE CLIENT, so the butler is in the correct position without having issues.
  2. Just purchased script. Would just like to mention how excellent your instructions are, not only for the "Read me" (or whatever it is that directs you to the instruction page) but it tells you next to your name what to do (if anyone is having trouble - check to see what it says there). Will let you know how it goes A++ on instructions though, extremely impressed.
  3. Does anyone want to share what modes/settings they put on for the Anti-ban? Any changes within the ABCL2 speeds or anything? Do share. Is 27k p/h @ Seers an average rate also?
  4. Great thanks for that, have you thought about trying the fairy ring method too?
  5. Is it mandatory to use Zul teles or can it just run from cammy bank?
  6. Would this conform with Deadman Mode Abyss? Had a look at other RC bots & their trials all don't eat, get stuck within the player house trying to click the glory - instead of opening the door.. Thanks
  7. Would be keen but looking for a Deadman Mode (No multiple clicks on Tab/No getting stuck clicking the glory in house). Would this conform for DMM?
  8. Keen to try this bot out but previous recent posts steer me away. Has this been updated to work 100%?
  9. Sorry - but can you explain what this "LG" is and how I use that instead of my current scripts?
  10. So it's currently not safe to bot until he patches it? Or has this already been done.
  11. Has anyone use this recently?