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  1. Anyone else notice increase in banrates with this script? All accounts get usually banned after a week maximum
  2. Has the issue with normal pots been fixed already? Last time I tried it re-potted super combat after levels went down one
  3. Seems not to be able to withdraw any prayer potions, hovers mouse to prayer potions but doesn't withdraw them
  4. Alright I'll use it then lol, my experience in botting 07 is that everything gets you insta banned except private scripts..
  5. Yes I looked into it but I'm not sure if I want to use it since the more users a script has the more detectable it becomes, I was too lazy to read through the topic and see how far people get with it
  6. Request: Paid script Description: Train combat in the nightmare zone efficiently, support buying potions or getting them from Yanille bank Payment Amount: What ever it takes Time: ASAP Additional: Must not have re-used parts from other scripts if there's a risk it would make the bot more detectable
  7. are you interested in the job?
  8. the account can be any level, the dueling interfaces are the key
  9. I'm hiring a scripter to make a custom bot for me. I can't provide you with any accounts. The bot would be duel arena related and you would have to understand matlab syntax.
  10. RS 3 -> 07 / 07 -> RS 3 : RS 3 -> 07 Amount you want to swap : 7m How did you contact me (Skype/Live chat) : Live chat Going first or we use VMM/MM : I'll go 1st
  11. Are u selling RS 3 or RS 07 GP : rs3 gp for rs07 gp Amount you want to sell : I need 7m rs07 gp What payment option : Swap How did u contact me (Skype/Live Chat) : Message me your skype
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