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  1. added you on dis Turtle Sandbox #6958 - Bought 100m Good service!
  2. Awesome script, been using it for a while. One thing that I think would improve it is the ABC2 pause timing. It always pauses right after it clicks on an obstacle. I know this is logically where people stop, but sometimes I feel like people would stop in between obstacles as well. It just activates the ABC2 pause in a pattern, which is after ever obstacle click. It's hard for me to explain this in words. 1. script clicks on an agility obstacle, ie jump gap 2. it always pauses here, right after the gap is jumped or what have you
  3. Newer and better chins/hr.http://imgur.com/WuhaxFs
  4. http://imgur.com/PcEBphI I didn't mean longest overall. I just meant my personal longest. This is also with 1.55. =)
  5. How do I post an image? I have the longest proggy now and the best chins/hr. =p
  6. I have trouble with it just hovering over a square and not clicking it sometimes. This problem fixes itself when a trap falls over though, but it does slow the scripts overall progress. Could significantly increase chins and xp p/hr if this was fixed.
  7. Got a little bug: This hasn't happened but maybe once or twice to me but but sometimes when it left clicks it will pull up the walk here or cancel option in a little box over the square where the trap is laid. If it's at the right angle, it just clicks on the box ignoring the trap under it, and since it's trying to get that specific trap it will ignore the others as well. Like I said, it rarely happens but it has happened a few times to me.
  8. The new version works a little better, but now it is a lot slower. Sometimes it reacts so slow that the snare with a bird on it falls over, and if you have a bird on all three it will almost ignore one and set up two of them and let it fall over.
  9. Is this with the latest version? If so I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm almost positive I fixed that though. The bot would record tiles, even if they weren't set on the target one. Otherwise latest version should be working a little more stable. Also fixed the bird catch counter. I believe it is the latest version. I downloaded it earlier today. Unless you've updated it within the past hour, then that was the latest.
  10. I think I've found out the problem. If the script doesn't keep placing the trap on the original tile it placed it on when it started, it gets stuck in the "laying trap" state. The way it does this is it accidently clicks on the ground too much and clicks off the tile, or in the process of spam clicking the location, it clicks on something else, such as a butterfly or kebbit hole, and it moves the bot causing it to place the trap on a different tile.
  11. I literally can't get this to run for more than 5 minutes. It gets stuck on status: laying trap when it needs to pick up traps.
  12. What's the best spot for tropical wagtails? Also, the script is kind of unstable. It will run okay for maybe 5 minutes. It will say state: laying trap when there is an empty trap on the ground, which needs picked up.
  13. How long would it take running this to get to 53 hunter? =p
  14. I'm stuck on saving it as a .sh file. Any text editor I have says I can't save it as a .sh file.
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