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  1. Time period: 2 months straight, bots shut off when my computer restarted, then went right back on after boot up. What I was botting: Shop buying script Premium Script: Yes Script from Tribot: Yes
  2. As someone who has been using tribot for a fairly long time, I verify tribot does NOT infect the computer in any way.
  3. I have 3 bots running on one ip and havn't shut them off in 2 months apart from the random crash or restart, it all depends on what you're botting really
  4. Medii

    too many

    Then alch at pest control like everyone else does
  5. What about dropping the stuff then looting it with my main?
  6. I actually bot on level 70+ accounts.
  7. Just worried that my main might get banned for getting a mass load of items for no reason from the same accounts all the time.
  8. Yes, trading from my bot accounts to my main account
  9. Does anyone have any safe ways of doing this? I don't exactly trust trading.
  10. You could always try combat aio lite
  11. Although it might be, it wont allow me to world hop when I have two client's up, but when I close one it works just fine.
  12. I've been experimenting with this, it seems that when you have more then one client running it will not let you world hop.
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