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  1. Stock: 500m Price: $1.20/m You will cover fees, you will go first, and you will send via a verified Paypal.
  2. Prices Halo only = 35m Halo + Range top = 40m I will only be accepting payments in RSGP, and you will pay upfront. Halo takes 75 hours of castle wars to complete. Due to that, the service will be botted, so please keep that in mind. I will not be responsible for any bans that may occur. If a ban occurs while account is in my possession, I will refund the payment. Feel free to PM me to discuss the details. Skype: abrandonallships
  3. Anyone experiencing their client crashing? Mine has frozen twice now within 5 minutes of starting script, hate this client so much .________.
  4. So, this will still need tribot to be opened, this isn't a standalone program? :/ Might be interested, since I've been looking for one for awhile now.
  5. Hmm, account has been fine all day, and then 5 minutes into waterfall quest on tribot's client, the account gets permabanned. o.o Not too sure if it's the clients walking system that made that happen, but I feel like my previous accounts that I've botted the quest on get banned shortly after as well.
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