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  1. Bat Account Creator v1.0 This script will create accounts for you on RS3: Simply fill out the GUI and let it go! Right now it's free, since it's still a bit choppy, I'm going to smooth it out, and then charge $5. Current Features: 1. User specified email seed. 2. Specify the number to start at for the email address. 3. If no number is specified, it will start at 0. 4. Writes all account info to a file in ".tribot/Bat Account Creator/accounts.txt" 5. Skips the intro 6. Skips the tutorial. 7. Changes registered email address. Future Features: 1. Read account info from file to have different passwords and email seeds for every account. 2. Access your email account and activate the account. (probably gmail only since their gateway is easy to use iirc) 3. Check for green check marks after filling in a field. Change Log: v1.0: 1. Base release v1.1: 1. Fixed back button on window popup not being clicked at the right time. v1.2: 1. Added a paint. 2. Newlines will now be printed between accounts properly on windows machines. 3. Mouse sped up 4. Minor stability fixes for skipping the tutorial v1.21: 1. Added new IDs for texture changes to the game.
  2. Bat Auto Typer Current Version: 1.1 An auto typer with a few cool options. Change Log:
  3. There are some where of about 700 entries in the setting list. I want to compile a list of as many of those as possible, so if you know what say entry 273 is, please post here what the entry is for, and what the values mean. I'll try to keep a list on the main post updated so that we will all have it as a reference. Thanks! 43: Combat cycle 172: Is auto-retaliate enabled (0: enabled) 173: Is run enabled (0: disabled; 1 : enabled) 261: In building Mode (1: enabled) 262: Is building interface open (14: enabled) 300: Current Special Percent (Current amount * 10) 301: Is special enabled (0: disabled; 1 : enabled)
  4. For the issue of clicking overlays, I had it load up the windows when the script started, then it created a polygon containing all of the unclickable areas (this was a while ago so I may have just checked all of the rects directly if that one was faster). Then applied that check to all of my filters when getting the valid points of an object, then camera rotation. I will have to see if I can dig up the code, but that wasa really long time ago.
  5. Does this work in legacy mode btw?
  6. Whaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!!??! A new RS3 script! Amazing!
  7. I answered someone's question in scripting help, and I figured it might be good to post this here too: Filters Are great for everything when you only want a certain npc or even ground item. They way they work is this: Suppose you only want blue Xs: With your way, the client will loop through 11 objects and add them to the array and spit that array back to you. Because of the way that the client runs there is a transference from ArrayList to Array type meaning it has to copy each element of the arraylist over to the array. Add another 11. Now the array comes to you, and you have to loop through it again to filter out the blues, that's 11 more iterations. Iterative Method = 33. Now with the filters, the client itself with do the filtering behind the scenes. It still has that initial 11 times since it still has to look at every item, however, it has only added 5 to the arraylist. Copy those over to the array to spit back to you, so +5 instead of 11. The list is already filtered, so you don't have to iterate through and filter it yourself +0. Filter Method = 16. So using filters, you can cut the runtime down by a factor of about % of the items you are looking for in the list plus a constant amount of how many are in the list. So looking at a dataset of ground items in a cow patch: There are 3 types of items: bones, beef and hide. Hide's get picked up a lot, so they make up maybe 10%, bones get pick up less often so maybe 40%, and no one picks up beef, so maybe 50%. We are searching for hides in this case because we want to jump on the band wagon and pick them up. There are total of 417 items on the ground, which breaks down roughly into 42 hides, 167 bones, 208 beef. Filter Method = 417 + 42 = 459 Iterative Method = 417 + 417 + 417 = 1251. That's nearly 1/3 the iterations! Hope this helps. Edit: You can apply it to any situation: Here is getting all NPCs on a single Tile: @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")private RSNPC[] getNPCAt(final RSTile tile) { return NPCs.find(NPCs.generateFilterGroup(new Filter<RSNPC>(){ @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC npc) { return npc.getPosition().equals(tile); } }));}Here is only getting NPCs that are not under attack: @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")private RSNPC[] getFreeNPCS() { return NPCs.find(NPCs.generateFilterGroup(new Filter<RSNPC>(){ @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC npc) { return !npc.isInCombat(); } }));}Or maybe you want to do it with inventory items and their stack size: @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")private RSItem[] getItemsWithStack(final int amount) { return Inventory.find(Inventory.generateFilterGroup(new Filter<RSItem>(){ @Override public boolean accept(RSItem item) { return item.getStack() >= amount; } }));}And you can combine them to do whatever you want: @SuppressWarnings("unchecked")private RSNPC[] getFreeHurtNPCS(final int health) { return NPCs.find(NPCs.generateFilterGroup(new Filter<RSNPC>(){ @Override public boolean accept(RSNPC npc) { return !npc.isInCombat() && npc.getHealth() <= health; } }));}If there is a method or field for something that can be filtered, you can use it to filter (This is how the client handles the find() methods that take in NPC or Item IDs, they just use filters under the hood)
  8. Closed.
  9. Even on legacy, you still get all the exp at the end of the battle. On top of that, the RS3 client here uses mainly OGL, which is a really just an advanced screen scraper. This means that you can't pull hidden values from RS. You would actually need to be hovering the skill, at which point you can actually be fighting. This just isn't possible on this client with OGL.
  10. Moved to proper section.
  11. Probably not. Maybe sometime in January when I go back to school, but as it stands right now, tribot RS3 support is terrible, so scripting is a major chore and on top of that I'm working a full time job right now. I'll see about posting the source though since it might just be a matter of changing some texture IDs.
  12. If you are going to recommend a different client, at least recommend a good one lol. Try out Runemate for RS3.
  13. You don't even need VIP to run RS3, you only need it for OSRS
  14. Wrong section, moved.
  15. A VPN is a network of servers that acts a proxy so that you act with a different IP. A VPS is a server hosted (generally by someone else) in a virtual machine on a much larger server. This way you are only allocated a portion of the bandwidth/memory/cpu.
  16. Check the firewall settings in tribot. You may have accidentally block the ip of the proxy.
  17. Check out this site: http://lowendbox.com/ None of there listings are above $7 per month. Most are like $3. Edit: Oops, misread the OP looks like you were looking for a VPN, not a VPS. My bad.
  18. Mj kinda left the site. His script is open source, so you should just be able to update some model ids and have it work.
  19. Not really actually. I've botted well over 100 hours on rs3 with no ban. It's more because of the API and the fact that scripters are really fucking lazy.
  20. Make an AIO scripting script.
  21. Yeah, but I have no idea if it still works. I updated the main post to work with the newer repo.
  22. Just read through the threads bro, it's super simple stuff.
  23. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/29835-bat-account-creator/ https://tribot.org/forums/topic/36066-bat-auto-typer/
  24. Oh right I forgot about that thing, I've never actually done it. Options -> Skip tutorial. My account creator does this already.