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  1. Thebat

    Peace out

    I was deving on a different client that has better rs3 support, but I'm graduating school in a couple of months, so I've mostly been working on getting a job lined up for post graduation.
  2. Thebat

    Peace out

    Well, I finally lost my mod status after a couple of months of not being here ( oops), so I think I'll officially say goodbye to Tribot. Bye bye y'all, I'll still probably drop in now and then to see how things are, but I probably won't start any new scripts here since I'm mainly in it for RS3. @Mat peacebro @Usa cya man @TRiLeZ thanks for the client bro
  3. Guest

    That's awkward.. I was your last VM. Anyways, can you please check out this thread? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44068-whopper/ :)

  4. Thebat

    RS3 Essence Miner

    For the issue of clicking overlays, I had it load up the windows when the script started, then it created a polygon containing all of the unclickable areas (this was a while ago so I may have just checked all of the rects directly if that one was faster). Then applied that check to all of my filters when getting the valid points of an object, then camera rotation. I will have to see if I can dig up the code, but that wasa really long time ago.
  5. Thebat

    RS3 Essence Miner

    Does this work in legacy mode btw?
  6. Thebat

    RS3 Essence Miner

    Whaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!!??! A new RS3 script! Amazing!
  7. Thebat

    Bat Account Creator

    Probably not. Maybe sometime in January when I go back to school, but as it stands right now, tribot RS3 support is terrible, so scripting is a major chore and on top of that I'm working a full time job right now. I'll see about posting the source though since it might just be a matter of changing some texture IDs.
  8. Thebat

    Why Mate?

    Check the firewall settings in tribot. You may have accidentally block the ip of the proxy.
  9. Mj kinda left the site. His script is open source, so you should just be able to update some model ids and have it work.
  10. Thebat

    Bat Account Creator

    Yeah, but I have no idea if it still works. I updated the main post to work with the newer repo.
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