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    Like Runescape, LOVE botting. If you ever need help feel free to add my skype :) im on almost all the time
  1. Does each IP have a different username/port/password combination? To me, this is very important because in past disputes, this has been a major issue. If you do not have this, people can simply go through your IP’s sequentially and gain access to multiple proxies they did not pay for.
  2. Used them once and it was very enjoyable. They are legit and i ended up being up 2m before leaving. Would recommend it!
  3. Same thing, i couldn't get it to work. Nothing I have tried has worked at all.
  4. Hey guys, Been awhile I stopped botting for a bit due to the increased amount of bans because of runescapes update. I'm just wondering how is the botting scene looking now? Is it better? Or are we still getting instabanned? Let me know. Also any scripts that have low ban rates?
  5. Hey guys I stopped Goldfarming due to the massive banning going on. It's been a bit but can you guys give me the down low on if its worth it again?
  6. So my main got banned and i no longer have any runescape accounts. Does anyone know the best way to make a good main account without getting banned super quick?
  7. Hey, I need a bow string supplier, I will buy at high prices, not merching prices msg me my skype is "delsolhbc"
  8. Well, as I don't script much anymore for things like bots. I wouldn't really know how to implement it. But i am sure someone here could figure it out.
  9. Could it be done? This would save so much time. As we all know. Time is money.
  10. That is exactly what I am talking about, It's a win/win. Tribot gets more money and rep, Goldfarners spend less time screwing around with stuff, And the community as a whole gets larger.
  11. Msg me one skype: delsolhbc. You seem like someone who is new to goldfamring, we have a lot of ways to ensure we don't get banned.
  12. Okay, you Goldfarmers like myself are going to know exactly what we are talking about. What's the problem here? Starting our bot farms take forever. Allow me to explain, We use proxy's so it may take even a bit longer then people that don't. I would like to offer up the idea that the Tribot client has a button especially for Goldfarmers. What takes so much time? 1. Typing in the password for every single client. "because we use proxy's we can not put tabs up in the client. We have to have one client per bot. 2. Starting the same script with the same requirements for every single bot. 3. The most annoying thing in the world: The Tribot error where the scripts from the repository do not load. Now I am not sure what could be possible to make everything more efficient for us Goldfarmers but I do know any attempt to help us save time while starting our bots would be greatly appreciated! Currently We spend probably 1-3 hours per day starting our bot farms. "It is worth it but hey I'de much rather have something that could just type I the password for Tribot once, hit a button and it starts all my bots with proxy's on the same script." *****PLEASE LEAVE YOUR OPINIONS AND IDEAS IN THE COMMENTS, I WOULD LIKE I KNOW WHAT EVERYBODY THINKS ABOUT THIS.*****
  13. Buying bulk maples: 70 each Buying bulk bowstrings: 105 each Msg me on skype, i will need daily. Skype: delsolhbc
  14. Looks awesome!
  15. Superheater would be nice