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  1. Nice touch.
  2. If they blacklisted your HWID, you would need to reformat harddrive and update BIOS to change your HWID. (Unless you get HWID spoofers which you can find) Some routers also allow you to change your MAC address, or you'd need to call your ISP and request an ip change if your router's MAC address is static. Hard life :\
  3. Buy CS:GO skins and bet them on csgolounge
  4. Delete the C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\.tribot folder and try restarting the client If that doesn't work, try getting the latest JDK version from Oracle, (should be JRE8 now), and selecting that from the java version menu.
  5. Delete the C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\.tribot folder and try restarting the client
  6. Make sure you're selecting the correct version of JDK which you have installed on your PC from the drop down menu. You can find your version by going to C:\Program Files\Java or C:\Program Files (x86)\Java
  7. Have botted 20 hours out of 24 and haven't had a single problem with any randoms.
  8. According to some people (it's never been confirmed), Jagex now in theory keeps track of accounts / ip and if one of your accounts gets flagged for botting, all accounts associated with that IP get flagged. This in theory leads to chain bans, AKA all accounts under the IP will get banned. Using a proxy will make the account login through another IP, and will decrease the chance of a chain ban. VPS = Virtual Private Server, which is a substitute for running the bot on your own computer, or to allow you to run more than one bot.
  9. The CS:GO trading community is pretty intense. I got a few skins on there worth around $20-50 and a knife worth around ~$300ish. Also, the bayo crimson isn't $300
  10. Pretty much hit the nail on the head. No one really knows if Jagex chain bans, or even monitors IPs. Could be that jagex now grabs your HWID and bans off that, who knows , lol.
  11. I believe there's some safe spots to kill the 78s. I'm pretty sure I can do it, if not, I'll replace any lost gear if I die. I'll give it a whirl.
  12. As long as you have around 2k cash, a bucket, some leather gloves, 30 thieving, and some food / runes for the spells, I'll do it for free.
  13. Believe it or not, there actually isn't a chicken slayer script that loots the feathers that works. Tri's chicken slayer doesn't loot and the other one in the repository wasn't working today for me.
  14. Used to make bank with this type of script back in the day. Glad to see it's back
  15. If I were to use a VPS for botting, what kind of specs would I need to be able to run a couple of accounts from a single VPS? Something like ~2 Cores @ 2Hz or higher and ~2-4gb of RAM should be able to run 3-4 bots pretty easily. OS selection doesn't really matter, but Linux based OS's are pretty nice for setting up multiple bots. What would be the best ways of getting the best performance out of a VPS (getting the most amount of accounts running)? Linux based OS, and just invest in a decent VPS. It's worth spending that extra $10 a month for the extra CPU buff if you're planning on gold farming Are VPN's a good idea or a bad idea, and why? I've personally been using nVPN for the last 2 years, and I personally believe that if you're looking for anonymity, they're the way to go. Proxies are unreliable, and usually 99% public. (I'm almost 100% sure that a majority of the"proxy" sellers on here are just pulling them from public lists, so there goes your anonymity). So unless you're getting your own Sock5s to use, there's no point in getting proxies because they're all public unless you set your own up on your own servers . What are the best practices when it comes to using proxies for botting? Unless you're setting up your own Sock5s, the proxy you're using is almost 99% guaranteed to be public. Would using multiple low cost VPS's as proxy servers be a good idea? Depends on if you're willing to spend $30-40 dollars a month for 4-5 dedicated ips Is having an account logging in from different IP addresses (in the same geographical location / area) regularly a good or a bad idea? I used to have my VPNs in Serbia, and Sweden and I live in the US. I regularly would login from each region and I never got anything from Jagex for it, but I don't know if any red flags go up if the account is logged in from different regions. If I'm using multiple VPS's coming out of the same data centre, will they appear to have different IP addresses to the game servers? (I'd assume so, but I just want some clarification) Depends on the provider, you should inquire with them if each VPS has it's own dedicated IP, or if they're using a shared IP for the node. Can I assume that when I launch a new virtualisation instance and use that as my proxy server, that it's going to be considered safe and 'clean'? I'd imagine that each new virtualisation would have a new unique IP address, but again, I'd just like some clarification Are you talking about a virtual boot on your own computer, or what? If it's on your own PC, it'll have the same IP, unless you connect to a proxy or VPN on the virtual boot Are there any better alternative solutions to "attaining incognito"? Honestly if you can manage to bot on your own PC, check if you have a dynamic IP with your ISP. If you do, check your router and see if you can spoof or change your MAC address, and if you can, just change your ip daily when you bot. I'm not sure how true this whole IP banning thing is since Jagex never said anything about it, might just be paranoia from people. Sorry if I missed any questions or didn't answer them EDIT : Forgot to mention that if you do in fact plan on using a VPS, make sure you're buying one from an actual company, not one of those VPS resellers or small time guys that sell them from their own tower in their basement. It's not unheard of people accessing other people VPS's and stealing gold and what not from these " Botting VPS sellers". I can't emphasis enough that spending the extra money for a good VPS is well worth it in the long run. Especially with the technical support that they provide if you have any problems setting up java and what not.