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  1. I messaged him and got no response @HFai1996 please help us! I am trying to DH and need help with inventory, monster selection, bot settings. I tried messaging @erickho123 on Skype and he did not respond .
  2. So I'm looking into the possibilities with setting up a proxy for my accounts. I only bot on 2 accounts, 1 main + 1 pure. Light botting, Nmz/experiments/agility/magix etc, nothing crazy no bot farms or obvious botting methods... I've heard people say before, when you buy these proxies from people that since so many botters use them, Jagex has many of them blacklisted and actually by using the proxy enables them to determine whether or not your botting easier as so many botters are purchasing the same ones from the same people... Anyone have any input on this? Or some expertise in the field?