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  1. Thanks for the Firecape! I will use your service again eventually!
  2. I've came across a small problem. After drinking the last dose of super energy in front of the nature rift it will click "use vial" and just stand there. This happens occasionally.
  3. Could you sell me some gold?

    1. YoHoJo


      Sorry man SUPER busy IRL right now, I'll be on later tonight, maybe within 2 hours.

  4. I would like to buy some gold I added you on skype.
  5. The bot is great but why does it change spots?
  6. should i were a salve amulet for melee training?
  7. The bot will sometimes try to open the door (circled in black) after smelting and sometimes after banking it will run to the back of the furnace building (circled in red). Thanks.
  8. It wont bank at port phasmatys. I think the id changed. Please fix soon!
  9. Thanks for the firecape! Fast service and trusted with 10m+!
  10. I will be contacting you in a few days about getting a firecape. I need a quote first! 70 range 72 hitpoints 71 defence 70 prayer Pm me the quote please Thanks!
  11. I think it will. After i got my pumpkin it continued to search.